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PM09348: RDS is unable to groups from multiple DOORS Databases


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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • NSN upgraded Production, QA and SandBox DOORS DB from 8.3 to 9
    this weekend.
    QA is an exact copy of Production DB (DB Identifiers are the sam
    SandBox is a seperate DB with different identifier
    The problem currently is that the Group ACL's are not shown in D
    When ran the following DXL logging into SandBox DB as Adminsitra
    Group g = find ('NSN_Group')
    string ident=g.identifier
    print ident '\n'
    print getDatabaseIdentifier
    we found that ident string contains the database Identifier of
    production DB and not sandBox DB . Looks like the client library
     rds.dll is an issue as it searches for the group under 'ou=data
    baseID, ou=Databases...' and the first group name that matches i
    s the search is returned. Hence it always returs the group name
    from first DB when two databases are migrated to RDS using XML.
    Steps to reproduce
    Have two DOORS 8.3 databases and name them as Prod and Sandbox a
    nd have them configured with same ADS.
    Create couple of test projects in both DB's and assign both user
     and group ACL to them.
    Now follow the migration procedure to migrate both DOORS DB's to
     v9.2.0.2 and configure them with RDS 5.1 in corp mode using sam
    e ADS as corp server. Migrate first prod db and then Sand DB.
    Now check the ACL's list for the test project in Sand DB which w
    ould have lost all group ACL information.
    Run the DXL mentioned in the Description and you will find that
    the idetifier of the group displays the prod DB identifier as it
    s identifier instead of SandBox ID.
    Output is attached in the doc.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • When you have more than one Rational DOORS databases using
    LDAP for user authentication, you cannot migrate all the
    users to an RDS server.

Problem conclusion

  • When you have more than one Rational DOORS databases using
    LDAP for user authentication, you can now migrate all the
    users to an RDS server.

Temporary fix


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Document information

More support for: Rational DOORS

Software version: 9.2

Reference #: PM09348

Modified date: 02 July 2010