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PM04842: DOORS: Unable to reset Link Module's Date attribute


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • If you have a date link attribute that which does not have a def
    ault value, you can not use the Reset to Default button to apply
     a blank value.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • In the previous version of DOORS (e.g. v8.3), you could reset
    the attribute Type-Date value to the default which as blank. In
    DOORS 9.2 appears to clear the value, but when you click "Ok" it
    reappears and does not change back to "blank". Hence, the issue
    is with DOORS 9.2.
    How to reproduce:
    1. Created a project
    2. Created two formal modules (Mod A and Mod B) with two objects
    in each module.
    3. Created a new link module with many-to-many mapping.
    4. Created a new linkset with the Mod A as the source and Mod B
    as target.
    5. In the link module, go to Edit->Attributes->New.  Create a
    new attribute called Pass Date for Objects that is Type=Date.
    6. Create links from the Mod A to Mod B module going through the
    Link Module created in Step 3.
    7. Right click on an object that has a link.  Click on the Links
    tab.  Select the link and click Details.
    8. Double click on the Pass Date attribute.  Select Change date.
    Enter a value, Click OK.
    9. Right click on an object that has a link that you added a
    Pass Date to.  Click on the Links tab.  Select the link and
    click Details.
    10. Double click on the Pass Date attribute.  Select Reset to
    Default.  The date goes away.
    11. Click OK.  The Pass Date reappears in the attribute.
    12. In the link module find the 2 intersecting requirements.
    Right click on the link and select Edit Link.
    With DOORS 8.3, the Pass Date attribute value changes back to
    the Default (blank) but with DOORS 9.2, it doesn't.

Problem conclusion

  • This APAR PM04842 has now been fixed in Rational DOORS

Temporary fix


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  • R920 PSY


Document information

More support for: Rational DOORS

Software version: 9.2

Reference #: PM04842

Modified date: 03 May 2010