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PK93496: Exploer View and Object display diffently.


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APAR status

  • Closed as fixed if next.

Error description

  • It was noticed that when
    changing the object text for 2 of the objects of a module
    the module explorer window did not change to correspond. When
    module is exported to word, the original text as in the module
    window was exported not the text from the object text attribute.
    They did some further investigation and found that the text in
    the module explorer window was actually there but hidden in the
    other Windows. They
    found this when looking at the history when looking at the first
    object (2739), on the second line the from window was empty.
    When this was changed to view changes as redlining it apeared
    See attached screen dumps.
    Running some DXL to remove rich text on the object overcame the
    problem. It is presumed this must have been imported when
    importing the
    original template from a word document.
    However when editing the object text, the hidden text was not
    accessible to edit or delete although it was exported when
    creating a document or spreadsheet. This means that it was only
    hidden in the object text
    editing window, the place where it should be visible. This error
    is evident in the sample module supplied but this is only part
    of a larger module containing over 2000 objects which would make
    it very difficult to spot under normal editing conditions.

Local fix

  • I've logged a defect for this issue, TD 32866.
    The problem is caused by rich text markup in Object Text.
    Running the following DXL will strip all rich text markup. I
    have to urge caution with this script however. It should not be
    run on any module that contains OLE's as OLE's are stored as
    rich text so these would also be removed.
    Object o
    for o in (Module current) do {
    o."Object Heading" = (o."Object Heading") ""
    o."Object Text" = (o."Object Text") ""

Problem summary

  • Fixed in DOORS

Problem conclusion

Temporary fix


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  • R920 PSY


Document information

More support for: Rational DOORS

Software version: 9.1

Reference #: PK93496

Modified date: 21 June 2010