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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Add ability to launch-in-context from the portal client to IBM
    SmartCloud Analytics - Log Analysis (SCALA).
    This APAR addresses TEP clients running on Windows platforms
    only. Follow on APAR IV67428 will address the ability to use
    Scala integration when running TEP clients on Linux.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • Add support for launch-in-context to IBM SmartCloud(R) Analytics
     - Log Analysis (SCALA) from the portal client.
    Log data associated with an application can be searched to find
    the root cause of a problem experienced by users such as
    slowness or a failure.  IBM SmartCloud Analytics - Log Analysis
    (SCALA) provides the search capability. Application log data and
    performance data are brought together to help provide the root
    cause of a problem experienced by applications, and expedite
    problem resolution.
    From the portal client, SCALA can be launched-in-context. When a
    component in the navigator is selected and a search term and
    time range are entered, the SCALA results that are specific to
    the selected component are displayed in a new browser tab (only
    Firefox browser is supported by SCALA) or built-in browser.
    In order for this APAR to be properly implemented in your
    environment, a new environment variable has been added.  See the
    "Install Actions" section of the APAR conclusion for more

Problem conclusion

  • Install Actions:
    To use the search function, identify the IBM SmartCloud
    Analytics - Log Analysis server whose indexes are to be
    searched.  The SCALA server must have data sources configured
    that take log data from one or more components that comprise the
    applications that you are monitoring. Data sources need to be
    created with the fully qualified host name of the host where the
    monitored resource resides.
    The search function on the portal client is not shown until you
    configure SCALA search server.  You can update kfwenv file to
    specify the host name and port number where SCALA is installed.
       KFW_SCALA_HOST=<SCALA server hostname>
       KFW_SCALA_PORT=<SCALA server port>
    The search function uses host name information that is derived
    from the navigator item in context.   Data sources that are
    created with the IP address for the host name attribute are not
    included in the search.
    Desktop and JWS client deployments:
    - When launching out from TEP desktop or JWS clients, SCALA
    results are displayed in a stand-alone WebRenderer browser.
    - Since SCALA server can only run in Firefox,
    general.useragent.override property associated with WebRenderer
    browser that specifies its browser type, version, Operating
    system (OS) version and other relevant information had to be set
    to the default value of
    - The value of cnp.browser.useragent.override can be modified in
    Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Services via Advanced ->
    Edit Variables
    - To view SCALA results using Firefox, as the default browser,
    modify the value of cnp.scala.external.browser to true
    Limit hostnames list derived from context:
    The search function uses host name information that is derived
    from the navigator item in context. If the navigator item
    consists of a large number of hostnames all datasources will be
    searched. The default list limit is 10 but it can be changed in
    kfwenv file using KFW_CMW_REQUEST_LIST_LIMIT
    Example of use:
    About this task:
    Take the following steps to locate specific log entries that
    might correlate to a problem you are investigating, such as
    message ID of a WebSphere(R) Application error.
    1. Select the context that you want to search within. For
       example, navigate to a Log Analysis report under WebSphere
    2. Enter the text to find in the log files. For example, enter
       ADM* to look for WebSphere Application Server message IDs
       that start with ADM.
    3. To find data from a time range other than the last hour,
       click the clock icon and select a different period.
    4. Click Search.
    All log entries that contain the search text in the context of
    the current navigator selection are displayed in a new browser
    tab. The browser window is named for the context, such as "Log
    Analysis for MySystem:LZ".
    What to do next:
    Review the search results. The search field can be used to
    further refine the results. Another entry can also be selected
    in the navigator to change the search results for the context.
    The fix for this APAR is contained in the following maintenance
       | fix pack | 6.3.0-TIV-ITM-FP0003

Temporary fix


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  • R630 PSY


Document information

More support for: IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6
ITM Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server V6

Software version: 630

Reference #: IV62689

Modified date: 02 December 2014