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IT24751: JMS messages delivered to a configured backout queue instead of an MDB can have a missing group id value

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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Messages picked up by a WebSphere Application Server's
    activation specification for delivery to a Message-Driven Bean
    can be missing the original group id of the message if they are
    backed out to a configured backout queue due to some reoccurring
    problem preventing them from being delivered to the MDB's

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    This issue affects users picking up messages from a MQ queue
    manager queue for delivery to an MBD hosted in WAS 8.5 or later,
    where one of the message attributes is a group id set in the
    message's MQMD, and the queue the messages are being picked up
    from has both the backout threshold value (BOTHRESH) and backout
    queue (BOQUEUE) attributes configured.
    Platforms affected:
    If a message picked up by a WebSphere Application Server
    activation specification for delivery to a Message-Driven Bean's
    onMessage method cannot complete delivery to that MDB due to
    some error, or there is some error processing that message in
    the MDB, the message is rolled back to the original queue. If
    this rollback occurs a number of times greater than the backout
    threshold value configured on the original queue, the next time
    the message is picked up it will be sent to the configured
    backout queue.
    In this case a message with a non-zero group ID value set in the
    message's MQMD (message descriptor structure) had been rolled
    back a number of times, and so when this was next picked up by
    the activation specification there was an attempt to send this
    message to the configured backout queue. The message sent to the
    backout queue did not have the group ID value that had been set
    on the original message. This was because the code that removed
    the message from the queue to send it to the backout queue used
    the incorrect version of an internal structure when getting the
    message - this structure did not contain a group id property, so
    the value set on the message was lost at this point.

Problem conclusion

  • The correct version of the relevant internal structures are now
    used when removing messages from queues for backout, and so
    messages that have been rolled back to a queue a number of
    times, over the specified backout threshold value, are now
    subsequently sent the backout queue with all original properties
    set, including the group id.
    The fix is targeted for delivery in the following PTFs:
    Version    Maintenance Level
    v9.0 LTS
    The latest available maintenance can be obtained from
    'WebSphere MQ Recommended Fixes'
    If the maintenance level is not yet available information on
    its planned availability can be found in 'WebSphere MQ
    Planned Maintenance Release Dates'

Temporary fix


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More support for: WebSphere MQ
APAR / Maintenance

Software version: 710

Reference #: IT24751

Modified date: 01 October 2018

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