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Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference (SC31-6802-07)



A mixed object document is the collection of data objects; that comprise the document's content, and the resources and; formatting specifications that dictate the processing; functions to be performed on the content. The term 'mixed'; in Mixed Object Document Content Architecture refers both; to the mixture of data objects and the mixture of document; constructs that comprise the document's components.; A MO:DCA document can contain a mixture of bar code,; graphics, image, and presentation text data objects. An; Object Content Architecture (OCA) has been established for; each data object type to define its respective syntax and; semantics.; This edition replaces certain information (Form Map and; Medium Map print control objects, page segment resource; objects, and migration objects and structures implemented in; AFP environments) found in the Advanced Function Printing:; Data Stream Reference, S544-3202. Together with the; Advanced Function Presentation: Programming Guide and Line; Data Reference, S544-3884, this document replaces and; obsoletes the Advanced Function Printing: Data Stream; Reference, S544-3202.

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Reference #: SC31-6802-07

Modified date: 26 May 2006