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Getting started with Open Source Package Management in IBM i ACS



How do I get started with the Open Source Package Management in IBM i Access Client Solutions


IBM i Access Client Solutions available June of 2018 introduces a new capability, Open Source Package Management that provides a new preferred way to install and update Open Source related software on your IBM i OS r7.2 and later.

Note: If the IBM i Access Client Solutions client is not currently at update or later, download the current Base Package from here:

Note: If  user profiles are more then 8 characters you will need to do the following in order to allow longer profile names.                                                                    

ibmpaseforienv PASE_USRGRP_LIMITED=N                                    
to file                                                                 
End and restart the ssh server                   
# Lifetime and size of ephemeral version 1 server key                   
#KeyRegenerationInterval 1h                                             
#ServerKeyBits 768                                                      
ibmpaseforienv PASE_USRGRP_LIMITED=N                                    
# Logging                                                              

To get started open the IBM i Access Client Solutions Main User interface and from the Tools menu select the option for Open Source Package Management, which will launch the tool.

You will be prompted to connect to an IBM i OS r7.2 or later system via a SSH (Secure Shell) interface.

Note: If your system is not already running the SSHD (Secure Shell Daemon) TCP/IP Server please start with this Technote on Starting the Open SSH Server (SSHD) on V6R1 Machines and Above available here:

Select your IBM i OS system and provide your IBM i OS credentials as shown.

If you receive the following warning select Yes to continue.

If the underlying Open Source Package Management YUM utility is not already installed the following message is displayed. Respond with Yes and the environment will be installed.

Then the list of currently installed Open Source packages will be displayed.

A package can be selected and then Information can be viewed about the package, it can be Reinstalled or Removed.

To install a new package go to the Available packages tab and select the package of interest and choose to Install it. Information on the package may also be displayed.

A Package Installation screen will be presented. This will show what packages will be installed. There might be additional packages listed other than the one chosen if there are required dependencies. Type a Y to install the package(s).

The Package Installation screen will display progress and eventually a Complete message. This window can than be closed.

Packages that are installed, but there is an updated version available are listed under the Updates available tab. Selecting a package here enables the option to install the Upgrade, or get more Information.

Similar to the install of a package, a Package Upgrade screen is shown and it must be confirmed with a Y to do the upgrade and then the upgrade progress and completion is displayed.

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Cross reference information
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IBM i 7.3
IBM i 7.2

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More support for: IBM i

Component: Access Client Solutions

Software version: 7.2, 7.3, Version Independent

Operating system(s): IBM i

Reference #: N1022619

Modified date: 24 May 2019