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Message CPF5192

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This document describes the causes that result in message CPF5192.

Resolving the problem

What Can Cause a MSGCPF5192 Message to be Generated?

In general, most of us may think of message CPF5192 as a defect. There is one user error that generates this message. The situation is as follows:

The user has two programs with two display files. The first display file is displayed and everything works fine. The second display file is displayed and everything is fine. Upon returning to the first display filem message CPF5192 is issued. This is because the first display file did not have RSTDSP(*YES) specified and was using one of the following keywords: CLRL, OVERLAY, PUTOVR, PUTRETAIN, ERRMSG, or ERRMSGID. This is documented in the Application Display Programming Topic: Restoring the Display. The manual reads:

The RSTDSP(*YES) parameter must be specified for the following keywords. If the parameter is not specified, data on the display can be lost if the file is suspended.

Note the words can be. There are times when this works; however, they are not documented. RSTDSP(*YES) must be specified.

There is more than one situation that causes the error. However, when you return to the first display if you write a record format that has input capable fields in it and try to write another format above that record format, you get this error (only if you have one of the above 6 keywords and have not specified RSTDSP(*YES)).

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