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IBM Systems Director 6.3.7 Download Locations


This document provides links to the IBM Systems Director 6.3.7 download locations.

Pre-Installation Utility

The IBM Systems Director Pre-Installation Utility (PIU) can be used to determine if a system meets the prerequisites for installing the Systems Director server or agents:

o Information about running the PIU for the management server is available at the following URL:
o Information about running the PIU for the agents is located at the following URL:

The PIU can be downloaded from the following URL:

IBM Systems Director server

Note: The IBM Systems Director Product has been Withdrawn From Marketing. Marketing sites that provided a consolidated location for downloads, have been disabled.

Systems Director server 6.3.7 is an update-only release. A previous release must already be installed to take advantage of this update.

IBM Systems Director Plug-Ins
You do not need to separately install Service and Support Manager, Active Energy Manager, or VMControl, as these plug-ins are packaged as part of the Systems Director server.

6.3.7 Server Updates
    Note: If you intend to use separately installed Systems Director plug-ins (such as Network Control and Storage Control), it is recommended that you install the plug-ins prior to updating the server to 6.3.7. After installing these plug-ins on the previous release of Systems Director server, you can update the plug-ins to their 6.3.7 compatible releases at the same time as you update the server to 6.3.7.

    Linux on x86
    Linux on Power

    IBM Systems Director agents
    The platform agents are provided as both executable installers (manual deployment) as well as packages that can be deployed using the Agent Deployment wizard (remote deployment).
    All are available from the Systems Director download site. The common agent is not updated for 6.3.7, and customers are recommended to use the platform agent instead.

    IBM Systems Director
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    General - All Platforms

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