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 APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report)


(5770-RD1) ** LAST UPDATED 9/12/2018 **

Error Description

******ATTENTION******** VERY IMPORTANT ********ATTENTION******  
******ATTENTION******** VERY IMPORTANT ********ATTENTION******  
Existing Spool File Archive implementations MUST be migrated    
from the Spool File Archive environment to Common Server BEFORE
the system on which they are running is upgraded to IBM i V7.1  
and OnDemand V7.1 (Note: OnDemand must be at the same version  
and release level as the operating system).  As stated in      
IBM Announcement Letter #206-030 dated February 14, 2006,      
V5.4 is the last release that Spool File Archive, AnyStore,    
Record Archive and Object Archive will be shipped and          
supported.  In V5.4 of Content Manager(CM) OnDemand, a Spool    
File Archive migration utility is available as part of the CM  
OnDemand licensed program product, providing the capability to  
migrate report definitions and indexes from the legacy Spool    
File Archive environment to the Common Server environment.      
-MUST READ *ALL Common Server customers- Archiving data to an  
application group that does not have a storage set specified can
lead to data loss in some circumstances- Apply HIPER PTF SI40478
-MUST READ If you are loading AFP spooled files with leading    
blank pages into Common Server and have applied PTF SI48264 you
MUST apply superseding HIPER PTF SI49234 immediately.          
If you are upgrading from a previous version of OnDemand Common
Server, there are minimum server level requirements for your    
source machine.  Please reference the Read This First at to check
the minimum server version of OnDemand you must be running prior
to upgrading to OnDemand for i V7.1.                            
To check your server level, see the Technote at                 
Refer to the Compatibility matrix at                    to      
confirm that you are running a compatible version of the        
OnDemand Client and Administrator for your server version.      
IMPORTANT: When upgrading to V7.1, do not start your Content    
Manager OnDemand instance server(s) or ASM until after you load
and apply a GA Cumulative PTF package.  For more information,  
Starting an instance or starting the Archive Storage Management
(ASM) process for the first time after upgrading to V7.1 takes  
longer than usual due to file conversions and movement of      
instance-specific data and objects from QUSRRDARS to the        
instance libraries.  IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THIS PROCESS BE      
ALLOWED TO RUN TO COMPLETION!                                  
Note that Content Manager OnDemand server version or    
higher does not support IBM eClient or Information Integrator  
for Content (II4C).  If you are using these products, you can  
not apply PTFs beyond server version  See the Flash at        
When the base product is upgraded to a new server version, so  
must be the other features, Common Server, ODWEK and PDF        
Indexer.  It is recommended that you review the Read This First
at for  
further information about the considerations of running V7.1    
of Content Manager OnDemand for i at each of the different      
server levels.  This should be done before upgrading or        
applying 5770RD1 PTFs.                                          
Interested in receiving OnDemand Newsletters with              
news/tips/techniques/announcements every quarter?  Send your    
name, company name, and e-mail id to                    Your name/id will not be used for  
any other mailing lists.                                        
You can display the Content Manager OnDemand PTFs on your System
i using the command "DSPPTF 5770RD1".  Compare the PTFs on this
list with those on your System i and order the PTFs you do not  
have for the features you have installed (Common Server, ODWEK,
etc.).  All customers must install the PTFs for Base and Common
Base - Base code; required for all modules                      
CSVR - Common Server                                            
WEBK - Web Enablement Kit                                      
PDFI - PDF indexer                                              
Please review all PTF cover letters before applying PTFs.      
During PTF application, exclusive access to some OnDemand files
may be required.  Make sure that OnDemand is not in use while  
applying PTFs. End all monitors; end RMC, ASM or DSM; and then  
end ALL of the active OnDemand server programs using the        
command ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*ONDMD) INSTANCE(*ALL).                
For the latest 5770-RD1 PTFs, order PTF Group SF99250.  The    
current level for PTF Group SF99250 is Level 9, which brings    
your OnDemand system to server version  See           
for more information about ordering this PTF Group.            
You can use the Work with PTF Groups (WRKPTFGRP) command        
to check which level of SF99250 is installed on your system.    
A listing of the current PTFs for PTF Group SF99250 can be found
There is a hot link on each PTF that allows you to view its    
cover letter (which includes a description of the APAR fix).    
Below is a list of all the non-superseded PTFs that will bring  
Content Manager OnDemand for i to the current server level, All PTFs listed below are included in the latest PTF  
Group except those otherwise indicated with an *:              
                 In Cumulative                                  
PTF #   Mod.        Package                                    
------- -----    -------------                                  
SI67451 Base                                                    
SI67450 PDF                                                    
SI67449 WEBK                                                    
SI67100 Base                                                    
SI66705 CSVR                                                    
SI66309 CSVR                                                    
SI65085 Base                                                    
SI65047 CSVR                                                    
SI64394 CSVR      C7192                                        
SI61052 CSVR      C6320                                        
SI56311 CSVR      C5317                                        
SI55497 CSVR      C5317                                        
SI51615 PDFI      C4143                                        
SI50070 Base      C3298                                        
SI49729 CSVR      C3298                                        
SI49333 PDFI      C3298                                        
SI48916 CSVR      C3298                                        
SI48841 Base      C3298                                        
SI48571 Base      C3298                                        
SI48112 CSVR      C3037                                        
SI47890 Base      C3037                                        
SI47820 CSVR      C3037                                        
SI45134 CSVR      C2115                                        
SI44950 Base      C2115                                        
SI42547 Base      C1270                                        
SI39677 CSVR      C0229                                        
SI39014 CSVR      C1116                                        
SI38899 Base      C1116                                        
SI38424 CSVR      C0096                                        
SI35838 CSVR      C0096                                        
SI35696 CSVR      C0096                                        
More information about PTFs, especially those not included in  
the OnDemand PTF Group, can be found in the PTF cover letters,  
which are available at the web site      
For a complete list of Server PTFs for Content Manager          
OnDemand for i, refer to the Technote at                         
Normally, PTFs for OnDemand do not require an IPL. However, if  
you use a value other than DELAYED(*NO), which is the default  
value on the  Apply PTF (APYPTF) command, an IPL may be required
to fully apply the PTFs.  With DELAYED(*NO), all that is        
required is to end all OnDemand activities prior to applying    
(i.e., end all monitors; end RMC, ASM or DSM; and then end ALL  
of the active OnDemand server programs using the command        
ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*ONDMD) INSTANCE(*ALL).                        
After the APYPTF command completes, you can restart your        
OnDemand instance servers.  Starting an instance or starting the
ASM process for the first time after applying PTFs might take  
longer than usual if the server version changed. IT IS IMPORTANT
Directions to download the latest version of the OnDemand Client
and Administrator can be found at:                               
OnDemand Support web page:                                                                       

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Information APAR                                                


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Status............................................ CLOSED CAN
HIPER........................................... No
Failing Module..........................
Reported Release................... R710
Duplicate Of..............................

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