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z/OS Migration and Installation

z/OS Migration and Installation

z/OS V2.3 - Engine for digital transformation

The IBM® z/OS® V2.3 operating system delivers innovations designed to build the highly scalable and highly securable next-generation infrastructure needed. z/OS V2.3 delivers the performance, availability, scale, I/O support, and security to provide the infrastructure, on or off premises or provisioned as-a-service, that allows for instant reacting to business opportunities.

IBM z14 and z/OS V2.3 are intended to help clients in their efforts to keep applications and data available, system resources secure, server utilization high, and programming environments adaptable while maintaining compatibility for existing applications.

z/OS V2.3 helps to provide a simple, consumable approach to enable extensive encryption of user data, simplify the overall management of the z/OS ecosystem to increase productivity, and provide a simple, consumable approach for self-service provisioning and rapid delivery of software as a service, while enabling for the API economy.

You can find the following resources on this web page:


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IBM Education Assistance

You can find more information about enhancements for IBM® z/OS® V2R3 and other releases from the IBM Education Assistance site.


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