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IBM z/OS Consolidated Service Test: Get CST Service

z/OS Consolidated Service Test - getting and installing recommended service levels.

Do the following to obtain and install the service we are recommending:
  1. Order a current preventive service deliverable that supports RSU. IBM recommends that you use ShopzSeries to place your service order for the z/OS platform. When you place the order for your preventive service, you'll get service for all the products you specified in your profile . If you order service for products we do not test in the CST environment, you'll still get all the service specified in your profile. In addition, you'll receive RSU ++ASSIGN statements for all the service - both CST tested and non-CST tested service get an associated RSU ++ASSIGN statement. Please note that the RSUs are not cumulative, so you must order each one.

  2. SMP/E RECEIVE the PTFs and RSU assign statements into the global zone.
  3. Get and receive the latest Enhanced HOLDDATA . Use the instructions on the Enhanced HOLDDATA for z/OS for instructions on getting the Enhanced HOLDDATA

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More support for: z/OS family

Software version: 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

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Modified date: 05 September 2018

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