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egoconfig setentitlement failed on master host or failed during InfoSphere BigInsights installation

Technote (troubleshooting)


After Symphony installation or during InfoSphere BigInsights installation on a master host with multiple host names defined for different IP addresses, egoconfig setentitlement <entitlement_file> failed on the host with the following error:
"This host is not a master host or master candidate. You can only run <egoconfig setentitlement> on a master host or a master candidate."


After you setup the current host as master, egoconfig setentitlement <entitlement_file> will check that the local official host name is the same as configured in the EGO_MASTER_LIST defined in $EGO_CONFDIR/ego.conf. If the official host name returned is not the same as the host name you defined for EGO_MASTER_LIST, the command will fail even if they are referring to the same host.

Resolving the problem

All host naming systems can be configured so that host address lookups always return the same name, while still allowing access to network interfaces by different names. Each host has an official name and a number of aliases, which are other names for the same host. By configuring all interfaces with the same official name but different aliases, you can refer to each interface by a different alias name while still providing a single official name for the host. You can use the $EGO_CONFDIR/hosts file to set the official name and aliases for the host. You also need to define the same official name in the /etc/sysconfig/network HOSTNAME parameter so it will return the correct local host name. If the setup needs to be done before the installation for example in IBM InfoSphere BigInsights when the Symphony installation is automatically done, you can use the system /etc/hosts and /etc/sysconfig/network files to have the same setting. Refer to the "Multi-homed hosts" section of the Cluster and Application Management Guide for more detail.

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Modified date: 13 March 2018