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BIOS and Firmware Update for ServeRAID M5200 Series SAS/SATA Controllers v24.21.0-0097 for Microsoft Windows - IBM System x


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Version: 24.21.0-0097

Release date: 8 July 2019


Download the latest BIOS and Firmware Update for ServeRAID M5200 Series SAS/SATA Controllers

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Change history

Severity: Non-Critical

Version 24.21.0-0097

PACKAGE: 24.21.0-0097
UEFI Driver: 0x06180203
MR NVDATA: 3.1705.00-0018
iMR NVDATA: 3.1705.01-0012
MR Firmware: 4.680.00-8458
iMR Firmware: 4.680.01-845

  • MR 6.14: SATA PD does not change to failed state after read medium error detected(SCGCQ01624704)
  • Repetitive OOB and LED prints observed in FW logs(SCGCQ01727104)
  • FW Crashes when user tries to fetch SMP PassThru Info using Host SLT(SCGCQ01937319)
  • Do not allow RAID config in JBOD-WB mode and prevent change of personality if WB mode is set(SCGCQ01685447)
  • dev defect - Setting defaults for JBOD-WB mode and code cleanup(SCGCQ01681100)
  • Cannot create or mount xfs filesystem using xfsprogs 4.19.x kernel 4.20(SCGCQ02027889)
  • xfs_info command run on an XFS file system created on a VD of strip size 1M shows sunit and swidth as 0(SCGCQ02056038)
  • CV going into WT mode during learn after upgrading to versions later than 24.18.0-0021 - FW fault after factory defaults(SCGCQ02060813)
  • After using hdparm to lock a SATA SSD JBOD drive the drive fails to be unlocked by the MR FW on reboot(SCGCQ02083536)
  • Kill adapter observed while running target reset on JBOD WB(SCGCQ01789188)
  • SMp command failure in OOB Path(SCGCQ01927021)
  • HDET_MR 6.14: OOB - SCSI PassThru Command fails with error code 0x2E (SCGCQ01936541)
  • Once pinnedcache is set to off not able to toggle field value in JBOD WB mode(SCGCQ01671213)
  • PL Fault observed while running target reset on JBOD WB(SCGCQ01676164)
  • MR 6.14: FW reported incorrect value for max data transfer request size as 4 MB in Storcli app.(SCGCQ02023160)
  • Kill Adapter observed while running task management on JBOD-WB with IO's (SCGCQ02009801)
  • Max number of PDs for PatrolRead to run concurrently should be in range from 1 to MR controller's max configurable PDs(SCGCQ02008420)
  • Some Configured drives may change to JBOD and Unconfigure Good after Set JBOD=on and reboot(SCGCQ02080101)
  • MR controller was missing in UEFI after reboot when the bootable JBOD drive was removed(SCGCQ02112533)
  • MR API - Incorrect value used for MR_DCMD_CTRL_SNAPDUMP_ONDEMAND (SCGCQ01882581)
  • MR 6.14 - PD show all StorCLI command fails for UBAD SAS & SATA drives (SCGCQ01915285)
  • With ESXi 6.7 OS or latter, a SATA SSD drive that is configured as EPD will be dropped by OS when driver reload is done(SCGCQ01969605)
  • Dev defect: Incorporate the new changes done in MR API(SCGCQ01760667)
  • Amber LED not seen for UBAD PD's (SCGCQ01770256)
  • Continuous SRAM correctable error prints followed by controller reset(SCGCQ02023839)
  • Able to create RAID configuration even after it has been disabled(SCGCQ01670086)
  • With a pending personality change, Global hot spares are allowed to be created and should be blocked.(SCGCQ01750315 port of SCGCQ01742187)
  • SMP pass through not working when the "PD 0" is BAD drive(SCGCQ01945674 port of SCGCQ01945602)
  • (CSETActivity) - MCTP over PCIe discovery(SCGCQ01904092 port of SCGCQ01184923)
  • CIT: Same EID assigned to 2 930-8i controllers(SCGCQ01886616 port ofSCGCQ01830180 )
  • Controller OCR seen when DM multipathing issues read CDB with zero blocks(SCGCQ01822167 port of SCGCQ01808882)
  • Unable to recover config when changing security password before re-inserting drives(SCGCQ01874302 port of SCGCQ01715058)
  • 23=Flash programming error while upgrading the Controller FW causes the APP image corruption(SCGCQ02085501 port of SCGCQ02074630)

Enhancement Request

  • RTTrace Enable/Disable API changes(SCGCQ01830211)
  • MR API changes to support EKMS over OOB(SCGCQ01874035)
  • API Changes for Driver/FW DCMD HandShake(SCGCQ01841266)
  • Added new events for unmap policy change(SCGCQ01871912)
  • Add secure boot key update complete event(SCGCQ01928254)
  • Including The Time Stamp for every Snap Dump created in the firmware.(SCGCQ01797424)
  • Unmap: Define new events for enhanced UNMAP support [MR7.8](SCGCQ01803319)
  • Deprecate the snap dump fields that are no longer needed for MR_SNAP_DUMP_PROPERTIES structure(SCGCQ01816724)
  • [MR 7.8] API change to return apt failure status for a personality change request(SCGCQ01853480)
  • Interrupt coalsecing setting per group of 8 replies queues (h/w VF registers (SCGCQ01886424)
  • HDET: Support smp passthrough storeliboob (API changes requirement(SCGCQ01916035)
  • Add secure boot support(SCGCQ01792416)
  • API change to provide learn complete timestamp(SCGCQ01845269)
  • POC in 6.14: WB support and Pinned Cache changes(SCGCQ01581022)
  • Aero FW - Reporting SSD wear gauge values for OEM specific customers(SCGCQ01798686)
  • Support SC_INQUIRY and SC_LOG_SENSE SCSI Passthrough commands on drives in bad state for a particular OEM(SCGCQ01888257)
  • FW changes for the configurable parameters(SCGCQ01609320)
  • Add the API to clear all the snap-dumps from firmware.(SCGCQ01824135)
  • API Changes - After Vision PSOC FW update, applications should ask the user for power cycle instead of reboot(SCGCQ01765150)
  • Add new MFI Status - MFI_STAT_PD_NOT_ELIGIBLE_FOR_LD (SCGCQ01818580)
  • HDET: Support smp passthrough in storlib and storeliboob (SCGCQ01799154)
  • Fail the drive and do not pin the cache(SCGCQ01584411)
  • Integrated Invader PL RO - SCGCQ02000507– phase 14, Version to MR 6.14(SCGCQ02000920)
  • [MR 7.8] API change to export "disable least latency mode"(SCGCQ01887495)
  • Fix MR_CTRL_INFO to support backward compatibility(SCGCQ01946548)
  • Added customer serial number field to MFC Manufacturing 2 structure(SCGCQ01873417)
  • Added Support for Triggering SnapDump(SCGCQ01848759)
  • Add Board Support Package Image Type to MR_IMAGE_TYPE(SCGCQ01931637)

Note: See the change history file for more information.

Supported products

Supported systems

  • System x3850 X6 (3837)
  • System x3950 X6 (3839)
  • NeXtScale nx360 M4 (5455)
  • System x3250 M5 (5458)
  • System x3650 M4 HD (5460)
  • System x3650 M4 BD (5466)
  • System x3630 M4 (7158)
  • System x3530 M4 (7160)
  • System x3500 M4 (7383)
  • System x iDataPlex dx360 M4 server (7912)
  • System x iDataPlex dx360 M4 server (7913)
  • System x3550 M4 (7914)
  • System x3650 M4 (7915)
  • System x3750 M4 (8718)
  • System x3750 M4 (8722)
  • System x3750 M4 (8733)
  • System x3750 M4 (8752)

Supported options

  • None found

Supported operating systems

System x

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012

Applicable countries and regions

  • Worldwide

Document information

More support for: System x3850 X6

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: MIGR-5094554

Modified date: 16 July 2019