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IBM Watson chat enabled for IBM Security Guardium

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IBM Watson Chatbot is a question-and-answer system that provides a dialogue interaction designed to help you find solutions faster. The responses to your inquiries are typically links to relevant product content from a variety of sources including the IBM Knowledge Center, articles that are written by technical support agents, and more.


How to access chat with IBM Watson

  • From the product support page, click Chat with Support at the lower right corner of the page
  • Click Chat with Support on your Cases page
    Note: You do not need to be signed in to chat with IBM Watson unless you ask to open a case. 


How to interact with IBM Watson

After clicking Chat with Support, a chat dialogue will open. Enter your question, using keywords or phrases, then push  Send or press Enter on your keyboard.


For example, enter "why does my Guardium database get full?" and IBM Watson will return potential answers.


View the information by clicking the link.

Help IBM Watson learn by clicking or typing Yes or No to indicate whether the response was helpful. If you answer No, IBM Watson digs deeper by requesting further details or presenting you with categories and other answers to select from. 

IBM Watson's knowledge grows daily, and is in use for an increasing number of IBM products, so check back frequently.

Cross reference information
Product Component Platform Version Edition
IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption Appliance All Versions
IBM Security Guardium Analyzer Appliance All Versions
IBM Security Guardium Data Redaction Platform Independent All Versions
IBM Security Guardium for Applications Platform Independent All Versions

Document information

More support for: IBM Security Guardium

Software version: All Versions

Operating system(s): Appliance

Reference #: 0958623

Modified date: 11 July 2019