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IBM Connections 6.0 support for Oracle Database 12c Release 2 ( / Oracle Database 18c

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IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 is fully compatible with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 ( and Oracle Database 18c. There are some issues that are outlined in this document with recommended workarounds.


1. IBM Cognos does not offer support for Oracle Database 12c Release 2  / Oracle Database 18c  so for IBM Connections customers that still have Cognos Metrics deployed with an Oracle database backend the most recent version that is supported is Oracle Database 12c Release 1.

2. IBM Profiles Population Wizard does not support the Oracle 12.2.x JDBC Driver (ojdbc8.jar). To successfully populate and synchronize the Profiles database use the Oracle 12.1.x JDBC Driver (ojdbc6.jar).

3. IBM Connections 6.0 installation fails to recognize the Oracle 12.2.x JDBC Driver (ojdbc8.jar). Before installing IC 6.0 rename the JDBC Driver from ojdbc8.jar to ojdbc6.jar then the installation will successfully validate the JDBC driver.

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Modified date: 30 May 2019