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What is the workspace option "assign as Home workspace"?



What is the "assign as Home workspace"  workspace option and how does it  works?


You can set the workspace option from Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) by selecting edit->properties from the TEP menu bar as shown below

image 1037

The option "Assign as Home Workspace" specifies this as the workspace that opens whenever you start Tivoli Enterprise Portal, much like your browser home page.

So you can select any workspace in your TEP portal and set that workspace as a default workspace by selecting that option so that the selected workspace view shows up at the startup (after login)

But there is a caveat, whenever someone with administration mode set, and that person checks the option "Assign as Home Workspace" on his home workspace then all the users  without their default home workspace set, will inherit that persons workspace. So, all the users  without their default home workspace set, will see that persons (with  administration mode set) home workspace as default whenever  the users login to their TEP

so to resolve the issue, each one (who ever see the different home workspace during initial login) login and set their default home workspace (one time). Next time, someone with administration mode set, changes  the home workspace with this option "Assign as Home Workspace"  will not affect other user  if they have their own home workspace assigned.

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