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SPR# CEMABAVNMT RFC822 addresses with unquoted commas and semicolons in a friendly part causes an issue on the Domino server mail addressing. RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters serves as a work around in fixing the issue


From the SPR# JALS658T7S - Mail is parsed into two separate addresses on a reply/reply with history.

This fix prevents splitting of RFC822 addresses caused by unquoted commas and semicolons in a friendly part. This fix requires setting the Notes.ini variable "RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters=1".

But on some cases, setting the parameter to RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters=0 will workaround the issue for inbound SMTP when User in the TO field goes to the BCC field when entering a Domino 10.0.1 server

Permanent fix will be available in Domino 10.0.1 FP2. SPR# CEMABAVNMT

Debug parameters used to identify the issue(only to be set when working with support):

  set config SMTPSaveImportErrors=2

  set config MIMEExceptions=2

  set config Debugitrfc822.cpp=1

  set config Debug_iCal_Addresses=1

  set config SMTPDebugIO=3

  restart task smtp

 restart task router

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