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Japanese New Era (Reiwa) Fix



The Japanese new era name was announced on Apr 1 2019 by Japan. 

The government of Japan decided to introduce a new Imperial Era on 1 May 2019.  The name of Era will be changed from 'Heisei' to a new name - Reiwa.

This requires an update to Notes and Domino and ICAA.

Resolving The Problem

This is being tracked via SPR #TSAOB4GCDH.

An update has been released for Notes and Domino to support the new era name.  This is now available on Fix Central.  Please note both the server and client fixes are necessary.

After the update, the correct Japanese era name will be displayed for dates from May 1,2019 ; say in date/time fields, date/time columns, and on using Lotusscript functions like Format. Without the fix, these dates would show the previous era name 'Heisei'.

Notes Client
9.0.1 Windows Basic 901FP10SHF368
9.0.1 Windows Standard 901FP10SHF368
9.0.1 MAC 64-bit TBD

Domino 901FP10
W32 901FP10HF503
W64 901FP10HF514
Linux64 901FP10HF515
AIX64 901FP10HF517
zLinux64 901FP10HF516
OS/400 L605658
Additional files required
*Please replace the nskX50ja file in the program directory. This dll contains the Japanese strings for the new era. If you don't have the new strings in the language file, the code can't refer/display the new strings.

Please replace the 2 additional language files for Japanese attached here:
The zip file includes:
Windows 2.0.1 TBD
MAC 2.0.1 TBD

Please review TN #1657963 for download links.

Updates to the 10.0.1 version of Notes Client, Domino Server, and ICAA are planned and will be released later with 10.0.1 FP2. 

For java programs, the IBM java 8 update SR5FP35 can be applied. A Notes/Domino jvm update is planned for this.  Please review TN #IJ15572 for more details.

As a manual workaround, open the file <program directory>\jvm\lib\ with Text Editor and append the setting of the new Era to the parameter calendar.japanese.eras as follows:

calendar.japanese.eras: \
    name=Meiji,abbr=M,since=-3218832000000;  \
    name=Taisho,abbr=T,since=-1812153600000; \
    name=Showa,abbr=S,since=-1357603200000;  \
    name=Heisei,abbr=H,since=600220800000; \

Document information

More support for: IBM Notes

Software version: 9.0.1.x

Operating system(s): Mac OS

Reference #: 0880879

Modified date: 20 May 2019