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Some Verse Android users are getting locked out during initial setup on Android 8 and Android 9 devices

Flashes (Alerts)


Due to changes in Android's Device Admin capabilities in the most recent Android Security updates, in some cases Verse Android users are getting locked out during the initial setup of the Verse Android application. This only affects IBM Traveler servers where the Administrator has enabled device level security requirements such as required device password and/or the ability to wipe the device data (Prohibit devices incapable of security enablement).


In the latest Android security update changes were made that affect the response flow for Android's Device Administrator capability. These changes are causing the Verse Android application to believe that the Device Administrator is not fully enabled and communicating this to the IBM Traveler server which is then locking out the users from further synchronization.

The error message the user may encounter might look similar to the following: 
" Device Android_6216408d7fda7bb3 for User ID CN=USERXXXX is locked out for security reasons.
Device security violation(s): Device Password, Wipe.

If a user experiences this situation they should:

  1. Open the Android Settings application and search on "device admin apps"
  2. Tap on the result to open the "device admin apps" settings screen
  3. Tap the IBM Verse Security entry and select Deactivate, to disable the IBM Verse device administrator temporarily.
  4. Tap the IBM Verse Security entry and select Activate.

At this point the initial configuration that had been started will be removed and the user can launch the Verse app to go through initial configuration again and this time will be able to successfully complete the setup without being locked out.

IBM is working on updates to the Verse Android application to respond to this change in Android and will provide an updated version to resolve this issue shortly.

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More support for: IBM Traveler

Component: IBM Verse for Android

Software version: All Versions

Operating system(s): Android

Reference #: 0880753

Modified date: 11 April 2019