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How to use Text Search feature with IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual

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IBM Daeja ViewONE Professional has the Text Searching feature, but Virtual didn’t have one; consequently, we added this feature with the Enhancement Request ER152961 to search text in the Daeja Virtual ViewONE 5.0.5_DAEJA_VIEWONE_IFIX004 release.


The IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual Text Search feature adds the ability to search the text of a PDF document and visually display the search results.


IBM Daeja Virtual ViewONE


You can do the following steps to work with Text search:
1. Enable client side rendering by using the parameter clientPDFTileGeneration set to true.
2. Open a PDF document
3. You click on search button and search for any text within the document
4. You will see the search results on the left hand side.

Text search adds the ability to search PDF document text and display the search results visually and this search is available only in PDF but not with TIFF documents. Search is only available when PDF document is rendered with client side rendering using the parameter clientPDFTileGeneration set to true. Search is not available with Internet Explorer, Edge, Document Builder mode and PageN. 

Additional Information

Look at the following document for more details on Text Search:

Related information

For a more visual approach, here is the link to a presentation.

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Modified date: 04 April 2019