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Download the mod pack for IBM InfoSphere Information Server In-Place Upgrade



This document describes how to upgrade from Information Server 11.7.0.x to Information Server 11.7.1.
It is important to review the guidelines provided below to understand all pre and co requisites associated with the deployment of this patch.

Download Description

Review the following information before starting your upgrade.

  • Click here to learn more about in-place upgrade.
  • Specific instructions on upgrading to 11.7.1 can be found here.
  • Before upgrading, review the known issues list for Information Server 11.7.1.
  • The list of issues fixed in 11.7.1 can be found here.
  • If you want to append Watson Knowledge Catalog Professional on-prem to an existing 11.7.1 installation, see instructions here.

The link to the in-place upgrade packages on Fix Central can be found below in the Download Package section.

If you wish to upgrade or install the microservices tier or Watson Knowledge Catalog, go to Passport Advantage.

Passport Advantage Images
Microservices tier images available with Information Server 11.7.1:
Product description File name Part number
IBM Information Server Enterprise Search v11.7.1 for Linux     is-enterprise-search-11.7.1.tar.gz CC0TWML
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Lite v11.7.1 for Linux WKC-lite-11.7.1_u1.tar.gz CC1GHML

If you have purchased Watson Knowledge Catalog Professsion on-prem, download these images:
Product description File name Part number
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Professional v11.7.1 for Linux WKC-pro-11.7.1_u1.tar.gz CC1TUML
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Professional V11.7.1 Bundle Spec File CC1PZML

Installation Instructions

Standard Patch Installation Instructions US English 1

Download Package

Files are available for download from IBM Fix Central. File size and download information will be calculated and displayed on Fix Central. If applicable, Fix Central will automatically display the prerequisite fixes before download.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
What is Fix Central(FC)?
Information Server in-place upgrade 29 Apr 2019 US English 1 FC

Problems (APARS) fixed
JR58927, JR59226, JR59533, JR59592, JR59678, JR59691, JR59699, JR59725, JR59789, JR59804, JR59829, JR59900, JR59911, JR59928, JR59934, JR59958, JR59961, JR59965, JR59966, JR59987, JR59991, JR60003, JR60007, JR60015, JR60016, JR60023, JR60025, JR60028, JR60029, JR60030, JR60034, JR60038, JR60055, JR60063, JR60085, JR60110, JR60116, JR60121, JR60123, JR60129, JR60130, JR60131, JR60144, JR60146, JR60159, JR60159, JR60175, JR60183, JR60188, JR60202, JR60210, JR60212, JR60215, JR60224, JR60225, JR60237, JR60241, JR60246, JR60246, JR60252, JR60260, JR60261, JR60264, JR60264, JR60270, JR60289, JR60295, JR60296, JR60305, JR60310, JR60319, JR60338, JR60360, JR60365, JR60369, JR60371, JR60380, JR60388, JR60389, JR60398, JR60399, JR60407, JR60414, JR60423, JR60432, JR60443, JR60446, JR60452, JR60474, JR60475, JR60480, JR60482, JR60485, JR60489, JR60501, JR60505, JR60506, JR60513, JR60521, JR60527, JR60532, JR60540, JR60547, JR60567, JR60568, JR60575, JR60579, JR60598, JR60602, JR60606, JR60608, JR60609, JR60625, JR60626, JR60629, JR60630, JR60634, JR60637, JR60640, JR60645, JR60647, JR60649, JR60654, JR60655, JR60656, JR60663, JR60666, JR60667, JR60683, JR60684, JR60685, JR60692, JR60696, JR60708, JR60717, JR60725, JR60736, JR60750, JR60754, JR60813, JR60840, JR60146, JR60361, JR60434, JR55085, JR59456, JR59466, JR59496, JR59665, JR59760, JR59959, JR59990, JR59992, JR60169, JR60184, JR60199, JR60288, JR60323, JR60373, JR60436, JR60378, JR60480, JR58858, JR59180, JR59186, JR59342, JR59467, JR59518, JR59537, JR59561, JR59625, JR59655, JR59682, JR59692, JR59696, JR59743, JR59775, JR59787, JR59790, JR59859, JR59901, JR58600, JR59586, JR59603, JR59610, JR59624, JR59614, JR59726, JR59626, JR59707, JR59611, JR59756, JR59580, JR59718, JR59823, JR59855, JR59806, JR59839, JR59836, JR59663, JR58962, JR59175, JR59287, JR59409, JR59445, JR59455, JR59529, JR59710, JR59741, JR59825, JR59828, JR59949, JR59131, JR59080, JR59658, JR59927, JR59189, JR59463, JR59562, JR59648, JR59802, JR59838, JR59919, JR60095, JR60096, JR60097, JR60098, JR60099, JR60100, JR60101, JR60102, JR60103, JR60104, JR60105, JR59498, JR59602, JR59607, JR59628, JR59688, JR59132, JR59190, JR59370, JR59556, JR59578, JR58645, JR59546, JR59674, JR59793, JR59579, JR59701, JR59721, JR59843, JR59125, JR59623, JR59659, JR37559, JR54016, JR56177, JR57408, JR57629, JR57631, JR57925, JR58164, JR58244, JR58343, JR58351, JR58378, JR58389, JR58477, JR58478, JR58488, JR58489, JR58507, JR58523, JR58536, JR58563, JR58574, JR58597, JR58601, JR58612, JR58629, JR58633, JR58662, JR58665, JR58690, JR58694, JR58698, JR58701, JR58707, JR58719, JR58728, JR58751, JR58752, JR58756, JR58777, JR58792, JR58795, JR58800, JR58810, JR58812, JR58813, JR58821, JR58823, JR58826, JR58831, JR58843, JR58848, JR58853, JR58857, JR58866, JR58875, JR58883, JR58884, JR58888, JR58895, JR58896, JR58900, JR58910, JR58913, JR58920, JR58929, JR58931, JR58933, JR58934, JR58935, JR58936, JR58943, JR58944, JR58947, JR58968, JR58969, JR58978, JR58983, JR58986, JR58988, JR58994, JR59005, JR59006, JR59010, JR59024, JR59028, JR59030, JR59033, JR59036, JR59037, JR59052, JR59053, JR59054, JR59067, JR59081, JR59083, JR59096, JR59097, JR59101, JR59103, JR59105, JR59108, JR59109, JR59115, JR59121, JR59127, JR59135, JR59136, JR59140, JR59143, JR59148, JR59158, JR59161, JR59166, JR59179, JR59180, JR59186, JR59209, JR59214, JR59221, JR59222, JR59229, JR59230, JR59234, JR59243, JR59251, JR59255, JR59265, JR59270, JR59275, JR59277, JR59280, JR59280, JR59284, JR59298, JR59300, JR59319, JR59322, JR59326, JR59337, JR59340, JR59351, JR59358, JR59360, JR59361, JR59381, JR59389, JR59416, JR59430, JR59446, JR59461, JR59468, JR59521, JR59658, JR61077, JR61086

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