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We are taking actions to improve your Support experience! IBM appreciates the opportunity to have you as a customer. We always strive to seek new and better ways to improve our communications and support that we offer. With that in mind, we are implementing a new Support Portal for MaaS360 on March 22, 2019.


Our new portal will be supported by IBM Watson and will provide you with enhanced transparency into your ticket resolution workflow along with improved self-service options.

You can watch a short video to learn more:

The new Support Portal will also offer you self-service capabilities such as ticket creation and ticket updates, ability to attach documents for review by support, and simplified search capability to view ticket history and knowledge base artifacts.

When we transition to the new Support Community, you will be able to access the new portal to open a new ticket (which will now be called a “case”).  At that time, you will no longer be able to access the current Support portal for the MaaS360 solution, and you will not be able to use the email to case process for opening cases. You will be redirected to our new Community.

To assist us in providing you with the smoothest transition possible, it is crucial that you register for an IBMid. An IBMid will be your connection to opening and modifying cases as well as our chat service. You may already have an IBMid with us. To verify if you have one or if you need one, please navigate to

If you do not have credentials that successfully log you into this portal, or you know you have not signed up for an IBMid previously, please either click the "Create an IBM account" link below or navigate to

It is strongly recommended you create your IBMid AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order to eliminate any support service disruptions when we implement our new IBM support process for MaaS360.

The final step is to link your IBMid to your MaaS360 Portal Account. You will receive an additional notification on the date we go live with the new support experience at that time please use the following instructions to link your IBMid to your MaaS360 Portal Account.

We also have a new way to access important notifications about MaaS360. This includes notifications from support and release management on topics such as release maintenance notices, incident reporting and newsletters. The notifications can be set up for delivery via email or RSS feed, or by both email and RSS. The types of notifications received can be customized so that there are never too many or too few, and any MaaS360 admin can keep up to date. To register for MaaS360 Product Notifications, see details here:!/wiki/W0dcb4f3d0760_48cd_9026_a90843b9da06/page/MaaS360%20Product%20Notifications

For more information please view the recording from the March 12th, 2019 Webinar

Should you have any questions, please contact your IBM MaaS360 representative.  

IBM MaaS360 Team

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