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The VFYSTG command in QMGTOOLS allows the user to easily submit the -storage utility.

Diagnosing The Problem

The VFYSTG command in QMGTOOLS allows the user to easily submit -storage commands.  The command is a wrapper to the /QIBM/ProdData/OS/OSGi/templates/bin/  script that is run in QSHELL.

More information about this utility can be found at

Resolving The Problem

1. If the QMGTOOLS toolkit has not yet been installed, you should refer to the following document for information on how to download and install the QMGTOOLS toolkit on your IBM i server. The following URL contains additional information:

Note: If you just downloaded the tool, this can be ignored. GO QMGTOOLS/MG and take option 12. Please make sure the build date is 11/14/2018 or later. If older than 11/14/2018,  download the current version of QMGTOOLS by following the steps in :
2. The QMGTOOLS/VFYSTG command will submit the -storage command, and it is up to the user to populate the rest of the parameters.  For example, this command shows these arguments:


This is equivalent to submitting the following script to QBATCH job queue. -storage diskUnits=1 dbName=AMHDB dirType=S outputFile=/tmp/DiskUnit1.txt confirm=Y

Further detail on using the storage verification tool can be found at

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