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Traveler DB2 DDL Scripts may fail to execute due to malformed copyright header.



Customers running a Traveler HA environment with DB2 who manually manage the Traveler database schema may have issues running the DDL scripts provided in the and Traveler server releases.  Customers may receive a DB2 command syntax error due to an auto inserted copyright statement that uses incorrect comment characters.   

Diagnosing The Problem

Important:  It is not common to manually manage the database schema, if unsure if this issue applies to you please review the Traveler product documentation for additional information related to managing the database schema:

This problem is seen when trying to run the DDL provided with Traveler or Traveler against a DB2 server.  This problem is not seen with MS SQL Server.  When running the provided DDL against the DB2 server you will receive an error message similar to:

DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement because it was not a valid Command Line Processor command.  During SQL processing it returned:  SQL0104N An unexpected token "TOKEN_NAME" was found following "************/".  Expected tokens may include: "TOKEN_NAME". SQLSTATE=42601

Where TOKEN_NAME would vary depending on the SQL command immediately following the copyright statement.

Resolving The Problem

Simply edit the DDL and either remove the copyright statement that uses * as the comment characters or edit the DDL and prepend each line of the copyright statement with the correct comment character which is two dashes '--' as seen in other comments in the DDL files.

As a convenience a copy of the DDL for DB2 has been uploaded to this technote which has the correct copyright statements and can be used with Traveler and releases.

This problem will be resolved in the next maintenance release, likely Traveler   For the latest available Traveler server maintenance see this technote:

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