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Updates to IMS Recovery Expert V2.2 User's Guide (SC19-4368-06)

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Updates that apply to IMS Recovery Expert V2.2 User's Guide (SC19-4368-06).


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Update 1

Date of change: December 2018

Change description: Doc changes related to application recovery checkpoint restart.

Topic: Recovery using application operations > Recovery using application operations > Using profiles > Managing a profile


The following topic has been added before "The EXPLODE command" topic:

Managing application recovery checkpoint restart

IMS Recovery Expert provides the capability to perform checkpoint restart of failed
application recovery jobs. This is an optional feature that must be activated by
allocating the BSYCHKPT repository and updating the BSYV220 clist to specify the
data set in the RBRCHKPT variable. For more information about this, see step 3 on
page 37. If this repository is set up, when the application recovery JCL is created,
the BSYCHKPT DD statement is included in the job, and that activates checkpoint
restart. No additional tasks are required to activate this feature. When the
application recovery job executes for the first time, information is recorded in this
repository that can be used for subsequent executions if there are any errors.

If the application recovery job completes successfully, the information in the
BSYCHKPT repository is deleted. If the same application recovery job is executed
again, then it will attempt to perform the entire recovery process again. If any
errors occur while performing any of the steps or jobs required to complete the
application recovery for any databases, then the information remains unchanged in
the repository. If the job is resubmitted, then IMS Recovery Expert will use the
information in the BSYCHKPT repository as well as information in the RECON
data sets to determine what processes failed on the prior execution and need to be
rerun. After all processes complete for all databases, the information in the
repository is deleted.

Note: If a failure occurs in an application recovery job and checkpoint restart is
active, when the job is resubmitted, the execution environment is verified to ensure
that changes were not made. You cannot change the type of recovery being
performed with checkpoint restart.


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