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New features for developers in IBM Domino and Domino Designer 10.0.1

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This technote describes the new features for developers in IBM Domino and Domino Designer 10.0.1.


The following features are new in release 10.0.1:

  • Domino AppDev Pack. The AppDev Pack adds Node.js support to IBM® Domino version 10.0.1. It includes three related components:

    • A server-side component called Proton. An administrator installs and configures Proton on one or more Domino servers.
    • A Node.js module called domino-db. A developer adds this module to a Node.js application. domino-db uses Proton to perform bulk operations on documents in a server database. domino-db uses the Domino Query Languge (DQL) to select target documents for most operations.
    • A Node.js based service called IAM (Identity and Access Management). An administrator can deploy it aside Domino to enable remote applications to access Domino resources through RESTFul APIs with standard OAuth2.0 authorization flows. It is a Preview feature.
    For details, see the App Dev Pack documentation.
  • Release 10.0.1 provides the following new or enhanced LotusScript® and Java™ classes. For details, see the following topics in the IBM Domino Designer Basic User Guide and Reference.

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