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How do I set system stack limit in an LSF job?



You set the system stack limit with ulimit -s (for example, 1024) on the execution host but when the job is dispatched to this host, inside the job you run ulimit -s it still displays "unlimited"


It is a correct behavior. sbatchd daemon sets the limit to "limited" with root permission. So it has nothing to do with your own setting on the execution host. 


LSF has a bsub option "-ul". With it the LSF job passes the current operating system user shell limits for the job submission user to the execution host.

So to achieve your requirement you can do it by following the steps below:

  1. Log on your submission host
  2. Set the stack limit
  3. Submit the job like "bsub -ul -I -m <Execution Host> ulimit -s" to check if it is the same as you set.

All those limits are from the user shell limits of the submission host. 

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Modified date: 26 October 2018