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Description of Red Hat Binary Compatibility Support for Domino V10 Running on CentOS

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This tech note describes the Red Hat Binary Compatibility Support (RHEL CS) for IBM Domino starting with V10. This policy is supplemental to the Domino support policy for fully supported software.


IBM Domino seeks to support a wide array of vendor software to assist our customers with their broad range of needs for Domino deployments.  However, fully certifying the proper operation of Domino in conjunction with a wide set of other product offerings is not always possible.  This situation is particularly relevant with respect to the CentOS operating system which is supported for Domino 10 based on CentOS' current binary level compatibility with Red Hat Linux -- which is itself fully supported at RHEL V7.4 and greater.


The following information applies with respect to IBM Support for Domino V10 running on CentOS.

  • IBM Domino Customer Support will accept calls for issues that are encountered when using Domino in conjunction with CentOS (see supported CentOS levels below).
  • IBM Domino Customer Support will not require customers reproduce problems on Red Hat Linux as a condition of accepting customer calls.
  • IBM Domino Customer Support will make every attempt to solve Domino on CentOS problems but will not pursue problem resolution where issues are determined to be uniquely related to the CentOS distribution being utilized.


The following CentOS version may be used with Domino 10:

  • CentOS 7.4-1708 for X86 (64 bit)
  • CentOS 7.5-1804 for X86 (64 bit)


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More support for: IBM Domino

Component: Operating Systems

Software version: 10.0

Operating system(s): CentOS

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Modified date: 18 October 2018