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Fix List for IBM Connections Component Pack

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This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections Component Pack for IBM Connections 6.0


Component Packs are cumulative updates for each of the components included in the component pack.  For additional information on the IBM Connections Component Pack, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 6.0 (Technote 1999492) document. IBM Connections Component Pack includes all the fixes in the previous releases of the the component packs.

Fix Central download link for the IBM Connections Component Pack  (

The fixes included in IBM Connections Component Pack are listed in this table:


Problem Description

ITM Status update can be added to ITM 
ITM Not possible to add communities to important to me bar that you are not following 
People  People scoring creating duplicate scoring data
Orient-me Comments in OrientMe with more than a 1000 characters are lost when posted
Orient-me Comments in Firefox do not display full text after clicking on "See More" link
People "Warning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected." reported in people migration report
Orient-me Tiles Reporting Blank for some Users
Orient-Me Addtional character appears when selecting a user from typeahead when mentioning
Orient-Me Add auto reconnect to mongo config in utils-microservice-config
Orient-Me Link 'Latest Updates' in successful post notification alert
Orient-Me Make the ITM updates action refresh the current view so that a user can refresh their current view without switching between views.
Orient-Me No content field in Top Updates for third party events
Orient-Me Stack identifier not handling apostrophe in profile name

User does not get notified on mention event over API for some 3rd party events.

Orient-Me Checkmark Icon shown in orient me on api generated mention in activity stream
Orient-Me No object summary displayed in Orient Me for posts created with API
Orient-Me Share box typeahead is detached from mention in sharebox
Orient-Me Fido: Not equal set of features enabled between iframed fido and standard connections
Orient-Me Intermittent issue when closing Fido in orient leads to page being closed
Orient-Me Typeahead is not showing User profile avatars - mentions / filter bar
Customizer Add help info for extension.
Customizer Customizer Proxy Whitelist UI.
Customizer ITM Wizard enabled by default.
Customizer ITM Wizard UI updates.
Customizer Appreg client theme and design enhanced.
Customizer Improved work flow for creating and editing applications.
Customizer Enable saving of base64png images.
Customizer Fixed and enhanced match header functionality in applications.
Customizer Added form UI for extensions.
Customizer Improved extension editing experience.
Customizer Added user group support for Customizations
Customizer Add support for Customizer cache management by way of pass-though cache-headers.
Customizer Improved page loading by moving CSS injections into head element, JavaScript still injected into body.
Customizer Updated package versions for various dependencies.
Customizer Code optimisations for increasing Customizer throughput and stability.
Customizer Update to node 8.
Customizer Update React components.
Customizer Reduced size of Docker images.
Customizer Fixed issue where some multibyte characters did not render correctly.
Customizer Fixed issue where certain special characters prevented an application from updating correctly.
Customizer Fixed issue with double loaded customization.
Customizer Fixed issue with incorrectly formatted error messages.



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