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DQL Restrictions for Domino 10.0.0

Release Notes


Domino Query Language presents a new syntax for accessing Domino databases in a very powerful way. There are some restrictions and to-be-addressed issues in the 10.0.0 release.


1. Specific to the syntax

IN {ALL} ('viewname', 'foldername', 'viewname2' ... )

view aliases will not compile.  A fix for this issue is planned for V10.0.1.

2. If you use > or >= syntax with string values like this:

fldx > 'powerful'

you will find that a) your results will include documents that contain zero-length values of fldx AND b) if the query term is serviced using a view column, your results will include both documents that contain zero-length values of fldx and documents that have no value of fldx.  In both cases this is due to Domino's collation sequence where  '' is sorted above all string values.  The discrepancy between views and document data stems from view processing creating an entry for every column for every document, in effect manufacturing '' for documents that have no value.

The workaround in 10.0.0 for this issue (unless you WANT to get documents with the extra values) is to include a second term

fldx > 'powerful' and fldx < ''

which will be unnecessary in V10.0.1 in which a fix is planned to be delivered.

3. Accent and case sensitivity - all string searching will be performed accent and case insensitive for V10.0.0.  Support for accent and case sensitive searching will be delivered at a later time.

4. If more than a single replica for a database exists on a server, Design Catalog contents and DQL results are unpredictable as cataloged data is based upon Replica ID.  If you have a need for a different replica in DQL, you should move it to another server and use it there.

5. If the 'view'.column <operator> <value> syntax is used against a view with responses, results will be partial.  The plan is to resolve this issue for 10.0.1.

6. Query errors may be received if/when updall -e or -d (that is, to update the Design Catalog) is run against a database being queried.  It is recommended to update the Design Catalog at a time when queries are not running against a database cataloging new design changes.

Note: For information on using DQL, see the Domino Query Language documentation posted as a PDF in the following technote:

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Modified date: 08 October 2018