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10 steps to move your Notes applications to IBM Cloud

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You see value in moving your on-premises IBM Notes / IBM Domino application workload to cloud. What's next? How should you approach moving your Domino application workload to cloud ? What steps need to be followed, what resources are available ? Refer to detailed information below for you to get started.


Step 1: Request a Trial of IBM Domino Applications on Cloud

Moving your IBM Domino application workload  to Cloud would require some initial assessment - ultimately the end user experience is at stake. The experience should either remain the same or improve.

The Trial subscription mirrors how your applications will perform in production environment. It offers a good opportunity for you to experience how the service will perform and determine end user experience.

IBM offers a free 30 day trial of IBM Domino Applications on Cloud.

Step 2: Analyze your applications

Now that you are ready to move your applications to Cloud, it will be useful for you to analyze your applications. You need to make sure  these applications would run without any errors in the new cloud environment.

The Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC) service offers a containerized environment where each Domino server runs as a container running on Linux OS (CentOS). Hence if your applications are running on a Windows environment today and are utilizing certain services outside of Domino such as Windows services or libraries to perform specific functions, then those might break when the application is moved to cloud. Such applications need to be remediated before they are moved to DAC.

Furthermore, certain applications might have linkages or dependencies with other Domino applications. It's better to know these before moving to Cloud to ensure that applications having dependencies on each other are moved together to avoid dysfunction of a particular application or multiple applications.

Doing this assessment, especially if you have hundreds of applications in your environment, can be a time consuming and resource intensive exercise. Hence we recommends the use of a tool from our business partner Panagenda for this analysis.

Panagenda ApplicationInsights is an application platform distributed as a software appliance (so easy and fast setup) with the following highlighted features:

  • Identify applications most valuable to your business, which are worth transforming or updating.
  • Understand which databases are related and need to be approached as a set, for example when moving to the cloud.
  • See which applications can easily be web enabled or which code will break when migrating.
  • Identify similar database designs or code roadblocks, which means you can transform your application landscape as efficiently as possible.


ApplicationInsights comes with a pre-built ruleset to assess the readiness of applications for move to IBM Domino Applications on Cloud. The rule set has been developed by Panagenda in consultation with Architects from IBM Domino Applications on Cloud and  is named "Ready for IBM Cloud".



Furthermore, IBM has partnered with Panagenda to offer a free edition (with limited capability*) for IBM Domino customers who are active on support as part of their on-premise Domino license entitlement.   More information is available at this page.

This offer has also been extended to IBM Domino Applications on Cloud customers who have subscribed to  Entry edition and Standard edition.  These customers can download Panagenda ApplicationInsights from the "Downloads" page under DAC console.


If you do not fit in any of the above two categories, you can request a free 30-day trial of Panagenda Application Insights. In fact We would recommend using the free trial of Panagenda ApplicationInsights along with your Domino Applications on Cloud Trial. That way at the end of the trial period you are ready to buy and plan your move to IBM Cloud.

*This edition of Panagenda AI is  able to analyze the 50 most complex application instances and the 50 most used application instances.


Step 3: Plan your move to IBM Domino Applications on Cloud

Application analysis gives you key insights about your application workload.

After you run the tool you would get information such as  most used applications,  most complex applications, and applications that have dependencies etc.. This will help you identify a list of applications that can be moved to Cloud without any problems.

Next you can identify a list of applications which can be remediated with minimal effort as well as a list of applications that need some serious effort to remediate.

With this information in hand, you can clearly plan out your migration approach and migration timelines.

Step 4: Buy the right subscription Plan

Subscription of IBM Domino Applications on Cloud can be purchased based on the number of NSFs that you want to move to Cloud.

There are multiple editions you can consider when buying this service.

BYOL Edition: This edition is ideal for customers who have existing on-premise license entitlement for IBM Domino software and prefer continuing their license entitlement while using the Cloud service for hosting and management of their applications.

Entry Edition: This edition is ideal if your workload is small (less than 50 NSFs) and you do not hold active support entitlement for your  Domino application workload or do not intend to hold active support entitlement going forward.

Standard Edition: This edition offers you greater flexibility with no limit on number of NSFs, and the ability for you to buy additional storage etc.  If you do not hold active support entitlement for your  Domino application workload or do not intend to hold active support entitlement in future, this edition will work well for you.

After you choose the right edition and the number of NSFs of that edition, you can buy the subscription in two ways.

1. Online Buy : You can buy Entry edition completely online without any assistance. For other editions, you can seek assistance to buy from our online Buy page here.

2. IBM Passport Advantage: You can work with an IBM Sales rep or a business partner who would help you with your order.

After your order is configured, you would get access to your My IBM Dashboard as well as IBM Domino Applications on Cloud console application.  Below steps provide detailed guidance on how you could move your application to DAC after purchase.

Step 5: Access and keep your IBM Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC) console page open
Note: You get to your DAC console page when you launch the service from your My IBM dashboard

My IBM Dashboard

The DAC Console page provides you with credentials information that is needed to access your server.

Instances page

Step 6: Open your IBM Domino Admin Client IBM Domino Admin
Note: If you do not have Admin Client installed on your machine, you can download it from the download link provided in your DAC Console "Downloads" page

Establish a connection with your DAC server from Domino Admin Client
Note: This is an important step, if you do not establish connection with your server from Admin Client, you wont be able to access it.

First enter the server name under the basic tab
Server Connection basic tab

Then enter the server address under advanced tab

Connection advanced tab

Save and Close it

Step 7: Open  your DAC server from Domino Admin Client
First click on open server

Open server1


Then select the server to open

open server


Step 8: Replicate application from your on-prem server to DAC server using Domino Admin Client
First create Replica of your application



Update the Replica configuration for DAC server


Once the application is replicated on to DAC server you can open and start using it

Step 9: Open application on DAC server and start using it
First click on open Application

open App

You can start using your application


Step 10: If you need web browser based access for your application, please open a case and we will enable access for your server
browser view





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