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Getting started with your IBM Domino Applications on Cloud Trial

How To


Now that you are ready to try IBM Domino Applications on Cloud, Here is a step by step guide for you to access and start using your Trial server.


Step 1: Open your IBM Domino Admin Client IBM Domino Admin
Note: If you do not have Admin Client installed on your machine, you can download it from the download link provided in your DAC Console "Downloads" page

Step 2: Keep your IBM Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC) console page open
Note: You get to your DAC console page when you launch the service from your My IBM dashboard

My IBM Dashboard

The DAC Console page provides you with credentials information that is needed to access your server.

Instances page

Step 3: Establish a connection with your DAC server from Domino Admin Client
Note: This is an important step, if you do not establish connection with your server from Admin Client, you wont be able to access it.

First enter the server name under the basic tab
Server Connection basic tab

Then enter the server address under advanced tab
Connection advanced tab

Save and Close it

Step 4: Open  your DAC server from Domino Admin Client
First click on open server

Open server1


Then select the server to open

open server


Step 5: Replicate application from your on-prem server to DAC server using Domino Admin Client
First create Replica of your application



Update the Replica configuration for DAC server


Once the application is replicated on to DAC server you can open and start using it

Step 6: Open application on DAC server and start using it
First click on open Application

open App

You can start using your application


Step 7: If you need web browser based access for your application, please raise a ticket and we will enable access for your server

browser view






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