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JPA Tools and Java EE 8 limitations in Rational Application Developer 9.7

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This document lists some JPA Tools and Java™ EE 8 limitations found in Rational Application Developer (RAD) 9.7.


JPA Tools Configure Project for JDBC Deployment wizard does not exist in RAD 9.7

When you load a JPA 2.1 facet into your project in RAD and open the JPA Tools menu, the Configure Project for JDBC Deployment option is not available. The Configure Project for JDBC Deployment wizard works with JPA 2.0.



Java EE 8 Limitations



Java EE 8 is available in RAD 9.7 with limitations. The following lists the Java EE 8 limitations.

Servlet v4.0: (JSR-369): Server Push API

To compliment the performance-enhancing features of the Server Push feature, it can be beneficial to improve the IBM JDK Performance that ships within RAD 9.7 by enabling the IBMJCEPlus or the IBMJCEPlusFIPS provider so that hardware acceleration is always enabled, where supported.

Follow the procedure to enable the IBMJCEPlus and IBMJCEPlusFIPS providers.


Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) 2.1: (JSR-370): Server Sent Events (SSE) and JAX-RS Reactive Client API

Although the web project allows the user to select the JAX-RS (REST Web Services) 2.1 project facet, the Generate JAX-RS Service and Generate JAX-RS Client wizards do not generate skeleton code for Server Sent Events (SSE) or the JAX-RS Reactive Client.


You can develop your own classes and use the editor functions, such as Quick Fix and Context Assist, to develop JAX-RS 2.1 applications that exploit the Server Sent Events (SSE) and JAX-RS Reactive Client functions.


Java Persistence API (JPA) 2.2: (JSR-338)

RAD 9.7 does not support JPA 2.2.


If JPA 2.2 persistence.xml or ORM mapping XML files are needed, create a JPA 2.1 project with the JPA 2.2 XML files and disable JPA validation to prevent workspace errors.

  1. Create or import a JPA 2.1 project in a RAD 9.7 workspace.
  2. Click Preferences > Validation and scroll down to JPA Validation.
  3. Clear the manual and the build validation check boxes; then click Apply.
  4. Open the project's persistence.xml file. Change the version from 2.1 to 2.2 and save.


The project can now be developed as a JPA 2.2 project with a version 2.2 persistence.xml and can be deployed onto a Java EE 8 compatible Liberty server, where the JPA 2.2 feature will be detected and installed.


JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.3 (JSR-372)

RAD 9.7 does not support JSF 2.3.


Cloud Foundry Server: Dynamic Web Module V4.0 Project Facet

When attempting to add a web application that has a Dynamic Web Module V4.0 project facet to a Cloud Foundry server instance, an error occurs, indicating that Project Facet Web Module version 4.0 is not supported.


Change the Project Facet Web Module version 4.0 to version 3.1 for the web project and add the web project to the Cloud Foundry server. The project can now be deployed to a compatible Java EE 8 cloud, such as the IBM Cloud, and run in the cloud.

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