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IBM Spectrum Control 5.3.x - Memory, Processor, and Disk Space

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What are the hardware requirements for IBM Spectrum Control™? How much memory, process and disk space do I need for managing my storage environment?




Processor Microsoft Windows™ and Linux®
Intel Xeon 4 processor cores - 2.5 GHz or greater
2 Intel Xeon L5520 8 processor cores - 2.27 GHz or greater

POWER6™, POWER7™, POWER8™ or later systems with 4 or 8 processor cores

In an evaluation environment with a limited number of volumes, storage systems, fabrics, switches, ports, and agents or agentless servers that are being monitored, you might not need 32 GB RAM, but at least 16 GB is recommended.
Disk space Windows
15 GB of available disk space

15 GB of available disk space


If Red Hat Enterprise Linux is configured so that the above directories are individual file systems, each file system must have the following available space:

/usr 1 GB
/var 2 GB
/home 3 GB
/tmp 1 GB
/opt 8 GB

/usr - 220 MB
/var - 1 MB
/home - 2.75 GB
/tmp - 700 MB
/opt - 18 GB

Significant additional disk space of 40 - 80 GB is required for database and log files after data collection has started. The amount needed depends on the following factors:
  • The number of resources that are monitored
  • The length of time data is kept
  • How frequently data is collected

Refer to section 3.15 in the IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Beyond the Basics publication for repository sizing formulas that can be used with IBM Spectrum Control.

Tip for all operating systems:  You do not need to manually create any subdirectories when you install IBM Spectrum Control.
Tip for VMware systems:  You may experience slow performance if IBM Spectrum Control is installed on a VMware virtual machine using a shared VMDK with other virtual machines.  When you use a shared VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) it reduces the total number of disk IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) available for each virtual machine; this causes poor performance and high disk latency on the virtual machine where you are running IBM Spectrum Control.  Use a dedicated VMDK for the VMware virtual machine where you are running IBM Spectrum Control. 
Cognos Analytics 11 Review the Cognos Analytics supported software environments:



Storage Resource Agents

Processor Pentium 400 MHZ processor or higher
Memory 256 MB of RAM
Disk space Approximately 350 MB of hard disk space



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