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IBM Connections provides enterprise-grade file sharing, communities, web meetings, mail and calendar for any organization.

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Online, self-help is available at the links provided below.

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IBM Connections Cloud support for Trial Customers, Business Partners and others

If you do not have an ICN (IBM Customer Number), you can get support by submitting this form.

(Note that after the trial period you will get an ICN (IBM Customer Number) which will allow you to use our web based tool.)

If you are not an administrator, contact your company helpdesk or try our self help training materials and documentation as well as our Forum and FAQ.

English language support can also be reached by phone at U.S. Toll Free 1-888-376-0105.

IBM Connections Meetings Cloud support

In addition to contacting your company help desk, accessing self help, meetings hosts or participants having an urgent issue with a meeting in progress are eligible to contact support here.

Administrator support

Company administrators with an active subscription are eligible to contact support for assistance with issues they have been unable to resolve.

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