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IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.4 documentation


IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.4 documentation

This technote serves as the Verse On-Premises 1.0.4 documentation. It describes the new features in release 1.0.4 as well as some errors in the Verse On-Premises 1.0.3 documentation.

Please continue to use the 1.0.3 documentation, keeping in mind the new features and corrections described here.

For system requirements, see IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.4 system requirements.

What's new in Verse On-Premises release 1.0.4?

The following features are new in release 1.0.4.

Up to 30 days of mail available offline

Choose the number of days of mail to sync for offline use. Maximum is 30 days. Previously, you were limited to seven days of mail.


Accept an invitation from calendar view pop-up

When you select a meeting invitation from your calendar "grid" view, the pop-up that is shown now includes the  Accept option:


API enhancements
For developers, release 1.0.4 provides the following new or updated Verse API extension points:

  •  (New ) Enable Verse users to mail links to files stored on a third-party Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) system.
  • , (New ) Add an icon and organization name to the navigation bar. Also hide and add menus.
  • (Updated ) Specify multiple recipients in To, Cc, Bcc with one action.
  • (Updated ) Receive attachment and Bcc information.

In addition, you can define additional protocols that are allowed to load Verse On-Premises extensions.

For details on these API enhancements, see the IBM Verse developers site.

Documentation Corrections

The Verse On-Premises 1.0.3 documentation contains the following errors, which will be corrected in an upcoming release.

Topic Error
How do I use business cards to see my colleagues information? The "Connections Chat" reference in this topic should be "Sametime Chat."
How do I find what I'm looking for? This topic states incorrectly that you can use To, From, and All options to refine a searches for people. The options actually are To, From, and Either. Also, the screenshot is not current.
How do I search more effectively with Verse? This topic states incorrectly that you can search based on language. This feature is not supported.
How do I organize all those threads? This topic neglects to mention how to disable threads. Click image-20180713160638-1 to disable threads.
What settings are available?

This topic describes the following two settings which are not, in fact, available:  "Set Verse as the default mail experience" and "Search languages."

This topic doesn't mention the "Time format" 12/24 hour setting which was introduced in release 1.0.3.

How do I share and link to my files? References to "Connections Cloud" in this topic should be "Connections" (on-premises).

Document information

More support for: IBM Verse On-Premises

Software version: 1.0.4

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 0716219

Modified date: 13 August 2018

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