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QRadar: Getting support to help with your RFE requests



Can Support help with your Request for Enhancement?


Note: You must be on any active case for Support to help you with your RFE request.  You cannot open a case to for the purpose of creating an RFE request.

Support will help you with your request for enhancement if you are working on a case where the solutions to the issue is an RFE request will solve your issue or Support makes a recommendation that an RFE would help to perform the requested or desired action. Should the customer agree to this recommendation support will do the following.

  1. Create the RFE request
  2. Present a Draft of the RFE to the customer to ensure that it represents the customers desire
  3. Submit the request on behalf of the customer within the RFE Community
  4. Send the link and RFE number to the customer.
  5. The Support representative will request to close the Case will be  upon receipt of the RFE number.

Exemptions to Support creating the RFE request are

  1. Customer does not want an RFE created for them.
  2. The customer would like to create an RFE themselves.

For more help on filing your own RFE, refer to this QRadar video on how to submit an RFE request.

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