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AIX Support Center Tools
AIX Support Center Tools

AIX Support Center Tools provides information about widely used data gathering tools and recommendation tools that are used by AIX system administrators in conjunction with the IBM support center team. The gathering tools help reduce the amount of time spent during initial problem determination. The recommendation tools help provide health check reports or cross-product compatibility information.

Data gathering tools

  1. zsnap

    The zsnap utility delivers all the benefits of the standard snap command and captures additional debugging data in an easily understood format. IBM's world-class AIX support centers have teamed up to deliver a more fully integrated tool for data gathering, one that has already been proven to reduce the time needed to resolve customer problems. IBM recommends that you install zsnap before you call IBM technical support.

  2. devscan

    The devscan tool facilitates the debugging of storage problems by rapidly gathering a great deal of information about the SAN. It then displays the information in an easy-to-understand manner. You can run devscan from any AIX host, including VIO clients, or from a VIOS.

  3. perfpmr

    The perfpmr tool is used extensively by the AIX technical support centers. This package contains a set of tools and instructions for collecting the data needed to analyze performance problems. IBM may ask you to download and use this tool.

  4. pdump

    The pdump script extracts information from the running process using kdb command and other AIX tools.

  5. snap

    The snap command is included with the operating system. Snap captures system configuration information for AIX and PowerHA. Product technical support centers regularly request snap output to identify and resolve problems. Snap output can be delivered to IBM in portable archive exchange format (pax).

  6. summ

    The summ utility is a diagnostic tool used by IBM Support to decode fibre-channel and SCSI disk AIX error report entries. "summ" generates single line error messages enhancing the readability of AIX error report and it can aid in diagnosing storage array or SAN fabric related problems.

Collecting data

  1. Collecting data

    A set of helpful MustGather documents to assist you in gathering testcase information that can be delivered to IBM.

Recommendation tools

  1. VIOS Performance Advisor

    The VIOS Advisor application runs on the PowerVM Virtual I/O Server partition. The application collects key performance metrics before analyzing the results. It then provides a health check report listing recommended changes or areas requiring further investigation.

  2. FLRT

    The Fix Level Recommendation Tool web site provides fix recommendations for AIX, PowerHA, VIOS, System Firmware and many key components of your Power Systems server.

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