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Listen as the experts in IBM WebSphere provide you with insight and trends on our products and how they make a difference in your business.

#15: WebSphere MQ for all mission critical messaging needs of a Banking environment

Listen to Patrick Verdugo and Cecile Poyet discuss our many success stories in Banking, new challenges and business imperatives in the world of Banking and how IBM continues to deliver future messaging to meet new and evolving market needs including mobile.

Download the episode(MP3, 00:13:10, 15MB)

# 14: WebSphere MQ for successful Retail business

Listen asPatrick Verdugo and Cecile Poyet discuss how leading WebSphere MQ is solving today's Integration challenges by providing an extensive messaging portfolio and preparing you for the Future of Retail.

Download the episode(MP3, 00:15:37, 17.8MB)

#13 Doing more and faster with WebSphere MQ Advanced for developers

Listen to this podcast to find out why this is a very good news for developers who wants to take advantage of the leading messaging provider in their applications. WebSphere MQ Advanced for Developers provides a lower cost, single-user license with full access to WebSphere MQ Advanced for development purposes only, speeding development productivity and gaining new skills. It will allow access to all the features of WebSphere MQ Advanced, including Managed File Transfer, end to end encryption of messages with Advanced Message Security and MQTT connectivity to mobiles and physical M2M devices with WebSphere MQ Telemetry. Speakers, Leif Davidsen and Scott Nordstrom.

#12 WebSphere MQ Advanced– Why migrate?

A new era of applications built for Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Social technologies are driving an exponential number of interactions through to your back end services, transactions and infrastructure. Many of today’s homegrown messaging and integration solutions are ill equipped to provide the security, low-latency, integrity and flexibility needed to process the multiple data types as well as the sheer magnitude of ‘big data’ coming through the wire. Join our speaker Leif Davidsen, IBM Senior Product Manager and learn about the latest features and benefits of IBM WebSphere MQ.

#11: Improve Application Delivery Time and Quality with Simplified Security Implementations

Ewan AugusteT.Rob Wyatt Learn more about IBM WebSphere MQ 7.1, from the WebSphere MQ Marketing Manager Ewan Auguste, and T.Rob Wyatt, MQ Product Management and Security guru as they discuss the new security features in MQ that help facilitate and meet the need for faster delivery and application development.

#10 Mission Critical Messaging

Marc-Thomas Schmidt A conversation with Marc-Thomas Schmidt, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of SOA Connectivity, IBM Software Group. IBM's Chief Architect for SOA Connectivity & Integration discusses how the proliferation of new information sources, collaborative business models and integration workloads are driving the increasingly vital role of connectivity and integration software. Marc-Thomas discusses challenges that many organizations face with the most basic and most critical element of integration: messaging.

#9 Extending the reach of business agility - connecting people, places and things

Andy Piper, Angel Diaz, Arlen Nipper In the last 10 years there has been an exponential growth of smart devices – both human centric like phones and tablets as well as machine centric like sensors and monitoring equipment to run systems. As the devices proliferate, it is becoming critically important for businesses to develop a strategy to leverage the opportunity to use the information and interaction capability as part of their business strategy. Join our speakers Andy Piper, Messaging Community Lead, IBM Software Group; Angel Diaz, Vice President Software Standards, IBM Software Group; and Arlen Nipper, President and CTO, Eurotech Inc., and learn about:

#8 Using a registry and repository with WebSphere Messaging

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan Join Leif and Andy as they discuss how to use a registry and repository with WebSphere Messaging solutions. Learn what a registry and repository is and the benefits of having one as part of your WebSphere Messaging solution.

#7 Unlock the value of the data in your packaged application suites

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan Take a deep dive into your packaged application suites with Leif and Andy and learn how to drive business value from this investment.

#6 Take control of your file transfer infrastructure with WebSphere Messaging

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan Listen to Leif and Andy as they explain how to add reliability, flexibility and auditability to your file transfer network by centralizing it over your current MQ Messaging and ESB network.

#5 Using patterns to improve your development productivity and reuse

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan Learn how Patterns Authoring tools in WMB make it easy to build integration applications quickly, reliably and repeat-ably.

#4 Protect your business from the most advanced security threats

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan Understand how to secure your connectivity and messaging network from the most advanced security threats by securing access to your Queue Managers and Objects, MQ Channels and take a look at how you can form the base for meeting industry security regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

#3 Harnessing data from remote devices for smarter decisions

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan With the proliferation of devices and data sources in the network, business leaders find it increasingly difficult to effectively harness data to drive business and decision making. Understand how to bring together disparate pieces of data from across the network to track, measure, alert and predict business scenarios to give you a winning advantage.

#2 Extend your messaging backbone to full ESB capabilities with WebSphere Message Broker

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan If you have already made the smart decision to move your organization to a predominantly messaging paradigm, you most likely have already seen the cost savings and reduced complexity a messaging backbone like IBMWebSphere® MQ can provide. Taking the next simple step to transform this into a full-capability enterprise service bus (ESB) with IBMWebSphere Message Broker allows you to unlock savings across all of your business applications through seamless, end-to-end connectivity.

#1 New Developments in High Availability

Sreenivasan Rajagopal Wayne Carrigan Learn more about the new high availability feature of IBM WebSphere MQ, from IBM Software Group Senior Product Manager Leif Davidsen and IBM Software Group Messaging Community Lead Andy Piper as they explore how MQ High Availability lowers implementation and ownership costs, aids in meeting target SLAs and reduces administrative cost by aiding in troubleshooting.

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