IBM HTTP Server Version 6.1:

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Eligible support entitlements

The license agreement for this product refers you to this file for a list of "Eligible Support Entitlements" for this product. To the extent you have acquired an "Eligible Support Entitlement" for an earlier version of the Program, you may replace such earlier version with a copy of the Program and receive Program Services under the terms and conditions of the Eligible Support Entitlement for the Program (instead of the earlier version of the Program). The Eligible Support Entitlements for this product are:

xlC.rte 6.0 or higher runtime is needed when running IBM HTTP Server on AIX

On AIX, make sure that the xlC.rte 6.0 or higher runtime library (for example: xlC.rte. is installed before installing IBM HTTP Server V6.1. This runtime library is needed to install and use SSL with IBM HTTP Server V6.1 on AIX. You can install the runtime library from the AIX V5.2 or later CD.

HP-UX for the IA64 platform

IBM HTTP Server supports Update2 of HP-UX 11i v2, along with patch PHSS_30414. If you do not have these updates, IBM HTTP Server may fail to start and you will see the following message:

Jan 10 11:29:52 2005] [crit] (223)Operation not supported: make_sock: for address [::]:80, apr_socket_opt_set: (IPV6_V6ONLY) 
no listening sockets available, shutting down 

Solaris 10

The initial Solaris 10 AF_UNIX socket support has operational problems with IBM HTTP Server. This is corrected by a Solaris patch. The SPARC version of the required patch is 120664-01. This patch, or a later level, is required for IBM HTTP Server on Solaris 10.

Service Updates

IHS 6.1

This level of IBM HTTP Server contains all APAR fixes included with IBM HTTP Server Additional fixes: