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IBM Big Data Analytics on zEnterprise provides a truly modern, cost-competitive analytics infrastructure with an extensive, integrated set of offerings that are primed for delivering on today's business critical analytics and big data initiatives across all of your data sources.
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Steven Dickens

Hybrid Computing & New Workload Specialist IBM UK
IBM Sales & Distribution, Software Sales

Steven Dickens

Steven takes a leadership role in working with clients to drive new workloads onto the System z platform; these could be new or existing clients in the UK and Ireland. Steven has an eclectic background spanning a 17-year career and a number of technology arenas that enables him to bring innovative approaches to client issues whether they are infrastructure, software or business solution focused.

Mainframe and Hybrid Computing (link resides outside of ibm.com)

Blog focused on the IBM Mainframe or System z or even zEnterprise. Looking to cover Cloud Computing, new workloads on the platform and general IT and Computing issues of the day.

IBM System z

Find out more about how IBM’s clients are leveraging System z hardware and software solutions to drive out cost and increase revenue.

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