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Online Demo: Unlock the hidden value of your data

See how an integrated IBM solution for customer analytics helps you identify, track and retain your most valuable customers.

  • Video: Acquire, grow and retain customers with IBM Customer Analytics

    Discover a smarter way to understand and anticipate customer behaviors and then strategically target customers with relevant offers.

  • Video: IBM SPSS Customer Analytics Overview

    Learn how IBM SPSS predictive analytics help you reach the right customers with the right offers at the right time.

  • Video: Princess Cruises

    See how customer analytics doubled direct marketing response rates.

  • Analyst Research: The Power of Customer Context Beyond Campaigns

    Campaigns are far less effective at winning and retaining customers than they once were.

  • IBM

    White Paper: Measure, analyze and manage: optimizing marketing results with business analytics

    Engage with customers as individuals across interactions and channels to build successful, profitable marketing programs.

  • Analyst Research: Hurwitz Victory Index

    Hurwitz recognizes IBM SPSS customer analytics as the market leader

  • IBM

    White Paper: Customer Analytics Pay Off

    Read this white paper to discover four stages of organizational capabilities and associated customer analytics strategies to help leverage deeper customer insights.

  • IBM

    White Paper: Addressing Changing Customer Behavior

    This whitepaper investigates how companies understand customer experience, the tools that are most effective for understanding it, and the key issues impacting customer behavior.

  • IBM

    White Paper: The new frontier for personalized customer experience

    IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence gathers relevant information and uses analytics to recommend the right offer or action during interactions with individual customers.

  • Analyst Research: Vendor Insight Customer analytics profile: IBM

    IBM is one of the most established players in the enterprise customer analytics market.

  • Analyst Research: TechRadar: Customer Analytics Methods, Q1 2014

    Forrester has identified 15 key customer analytics methods that customer insights professionals must master.

  • tdwi

    Analyst Research: TDWI Report: Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media

    Read this Best Practices Report from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) on capturing and analyzing social media networking activity--the new frontier for customer intelligence.

  • IBM

    White Paper: Analytics: The real-world use of big data

    This study highlights the phases of the big data journey, objectives and challenges organizations face, and the current state of the technology that they are use to drive results.

  • IBM

    White Paper: Delivering a seamless experience across every channel

    A 2013 survey of e-commerce professionals reveals the importance of a seamless multichannel experience to customer experience, and to business results.

  • IBM

    Solution Brief: IBM Customer Analytics Solutions

    Learn how IBM customer analytics solutions can help you unlock insights that win customers and grow your business.

  • Customer Analytics for Dummies

    ebook: Customer Analytics for Dummies

    Learn how to acquire new customers, grow customer lifetime value, retain customers at risk of defection and enhance loyalty and advocacy with Customer Analytics for Dummies.

  • Resource Center: Better Marketing with Analytics

    This resource center will help marketing professionals understand the wide impact big data and analytics is having on the way markets work and what they can accomplish in this new marketing environment.

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Video: Providing the total customer experience with IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence

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The power of individualized interaction

1. The number of small, personal touches that can have a major impact on a customer's perception of your brand. 8% of their customers agree.

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