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CenterBeam: Delivers 98 percent policy compliance across all enterprise devices—server, desktop and mobile

CenterBeam is a U.S.-based IT managed service provider (MSP), offering mid-sized businesses award-winning, enterprise-class IT management services and support.

An Asia Pacific Bank: Achieving 25 percent annual decrease in power costs with efficient endpoint management

In 2011, the Environmental team for this Asia Pacific bank asked IT staff to help reduce the bank’s carbon footprint. With IT departments often viewed as cost centers, the IT team saw it as an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of effective systems management.

A Large European Discount Retailer: Saves EUR3.2 million with efficient endpoint management

A large European discount retailer saves EUR3.2 million and strengthens security and compliance when it works with IBM Business Partner CONSALIT to implement IBM Endpoint Manager software.

Cyprus Ministry of Health improves hospital services with IBM and SAP

Nicosia Hospital is one of the key healthcare organizations serving both inpatients and outpatients on the island of Cyprus. The hospital handles almost 40 percent of the total annual admissions on the island and employs 2,170 people, of whom 300 are doctors and 860 are nurses. In 2010, Nicosia Hospital treated 23,000 inpatients and 291,000 outpatients, and conducted 7,000 surgical procedures.

US Foods avoids potential software license penalties with self audit

US Foods is a leading distributor of more than 350,000 products to over 250,000 customers, including independent and multiunit restaurants, healthcare and hospitality entities, and government and educational institutions.

The Co-operative Food enhances PCI DSS compliance

The Co-operative Group Ltd. is a British consumer cooperative, wholly run and owned by its members. It is the largest organisation of its kind in the Europe, with over six million members. The group comprises a diverse range of businesses, the largest of which is The Co-operative Food: a chain of food and convenience stores employing some 70,000 people.

P.O.S. Data System uses cloud computing to boost productivity 30 percent

P.O.S. Data System is an IT services provider founded in 1993, with offices in four cities throughout Sicily, Italy. Its services range from server virtualization to high-performance computing, from point-of-sale solutions to data protection. The company’s clients demand constant innovation, in terms of IT service capability and new product offerings, all of which must be delivered at very competitive price points.

Orange Business Services: Helping clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars

Orange Business Services is a leading global integrator of communications solutions. The company is a subsidiary of France Telecom Group, one of the world's leading telecommunications operators.

Career Education Corporation eliminates software license audit risks

Career Education Corporation (CEC) offers doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s and associate degrees as well as diploma and certificate programs to more than 75,000 students across the world online, through its campuses and in a hybrid environment.

IBM: Achieves a substantial reduction in endpoint security issues

With a growing number of nonstandard endpoints and increasingly sophisticated security threats, IBM needed a new approach to protect its internal infrastructure. IBM deployed Tivoli Endpoint Manager internally to gain real-time visibility and automatically remediate issues across over 500,000 endpoints. IBM realized a 78 percent decrease in endpoint security issues in the first quarter of deployment and reduced support costs for savings well above US$10 million.

Christian Hospital Centre: stays ahead of today’s and tomorrow’s threats

Christian Hospital Centre has six clinics, convalescent homes and 10 polyclinics spread across Belgium. To protect against viruses and malware they implemented Tivoli Endpoint Manager and IBM Security Solutions to protect their network, endpoints and servers. They also freed up the equivalent of a full-time IT person, due to a 50% reduction in helpdesk calls.

Strauss Café: Efficient management with IBM

Strauss Cafe Poland is the largest coffee manufacturer in Poland. Their structure is highly distributed with 450 employees, including 100 mobile employees. Tivoli Endpoint Manager is providing: software updates, license management, mobile management, and patch management. This solution improved efficiency and effectiveness of company operations and assisted with audit compliance.

Penn State: Power-savings initiative expected to deliver $800,000 annual savings

Penn State University implemented an endpoint management solution that combines power, lifecycle, patch and security management to reduce energy costs while improving the reliability and security of campus computers. They have been able to reduce energy costs by US$288,000 per year with annual savings expected to reach US$800,000, and decrease the IT time required to manage classroom and lab computers while improving security with faster deployment of patches and software applications.

Coop Estense: Reduces resolution times for security issues

Coop Estense replaced a range of products already in the company—from antivirus to patch management and remote control. Utilizing Tivoli Endpoint Manager they have been able to reduce the resolution times of possible intrusions or possible infections that the company faced and now have a wider vision of their whole infrastructure.

A Publishing Powerhouse: 24×7 security and patch management

The company uses Tivoli Endpoint Manager to manage 5,000 desktops, laptops and servers. The software allows administrators to schedule automated software updates/patches for servers. The company achieved rapid time-to-value, implementing the solution in four months. They also derived “end-user friendly” control over roaming Macintosh and Windows laptops and met corporate goals for accurate inventory and real-time patch status reporting improvements.

Fiberlink: Achieves 25 percent annual growth rate with cloud-based endpoint management solution

Fiberlink is an innovator in voice, data and IP networking solutions. They implemented Tivoli Endpoint Manager for centralized point of control for automating patch management, lifecycle management, security and compliance, and power management functions for laptops. More than 500,000 endpoints are currently managed on MaaS360 with Tivoli Endpoint Manager. They are now delivering six new solutions in just 18 months, expect to save nearly $500,000 a year from improved power management alone.

HutchinsonBuilders lifts software management with IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager

Hutchinson Builders is Queensland’s largest privately owned construction company, with more than 1000 staff and 16 offices globally. They chose IBM® Tivoli® Endpoint Manager to quickly and simply manage its geographically dispersed network of desktop and laptop computers. With Tivoli Endpoint Manager they can automate device and software inventory, have increased control and lower IT costs.

Brit Insurance: Enhances vulnerability management with IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Patch Management

Brit Insurance is an international general insurance and reinsurance group and has offices globally. As part of a broader vulnerability management exercise, Brit Insurance selected IBM® Tivoli® Endpoint Manager for Patch Management to automate the rollout of operating system patches to its estate of 750 Microsoft Windows servers. Using the IBM Tivoli solution, Brit Insurance has been able to tackle its security issues without significant administrative effort and in a controlled, relatively low-risk, non-disruptive manner.

Citigroup: Transforming application development with an IBM cloud solution

Citigroup Inc. is one of the world’s leading financial services companies. Citigroup has approximately 200 million customer accounts and conducts business in more than 140 countries. With Tivoli Endpoint Manager, Citigroup ensures security and continuous compliance in the cloud and automates system administration functions that otherwise would take considerable amount of time

St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney

St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney (SV&MHS) is the New South Wales based arm of St Vincent’s Health Australia. With IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for patch management, configuration compliance, power management, asset discovery and software usage reporting, they now have Visibility and control over 100 percent of endpoints and have realized cost savings through elimination of software licenses

Twin Rivers Unified School District: Streamlining IT operations with automated endpoint management

Twin Rivers Unified School District uses IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager and achieves a significant reduction in labor costs and increased patch management compliance. They realized more than $127,000 savings on application deployment in 15 months.

The Total Economic Impact of TEM in a Banking Environment

This report analyzes the financial impact and value Tivoli Endpoint Manager brings to a large bank based in the Southwestern United States

Tax Tech: Making PC support less taxing

Tax Tech, Inc. assists small loan companies in preparing tax returns and electronic filing for their customers. Using the Tivoli Endpoint Manager solution they reduced their remediation time from weeks to hours. They also reduced the IT staff required for software updates and patching from 20 people to 1 person while also reducing call volumes from up to 100 to fewer than 20 calls per day.

Western Federal Credit Union: Achieves cost reduction with improved endpoint management

Western Federal Credit Union is one of the nation’s leading credit unions with over $1.4 billion in assets and 120,000 members across the country. With Tivoli Endpoint Manager solution, they significantly improved patching and reduced person hours associated with software distribution resulting in 50% reduction in labor costs.

EdmontonPublic SchoolBoard: Putting education first with efficient endpoint management

The Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) operates a primary and secondary school system that educates 80,000 students at 228 facilities. With a comprehensive endpoint management solution, they reduced patch management staffing requirements from 3 - 4 full-time employees to one person focusing on patches part-time.

Chichester School District: Simplifying IT operations and reducing costs with automated endpoint management

ChichesterSchool District is a regional school district in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. With integrated patch and power management capabilities of IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager, they increased first pass patch success rate from 50 to 99 percent, reduced annual energy costs by nearly 70 percent per PC while also reducing time to install and validate a patch from one week to one hour

Concord Hospital: Meeting HIPAA requirements for security, integrity and reliability

ConcordHospital is a regional medical center that provides comprehensive acute care services and healthcare programs to people throughout New Hampshire. With IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager, they were able to increase patch compliance from 60 to 93 percent and accelerated system maintenance from weeks to hours, resulting in 25 percent savings in software licensing costs.

SunTrust Banks: Improving productivity, reducing vulnerability windows

SunTrust operates almost 1,800 retail branches and 2,673 ATMs across 12 states. They use IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager to maintain vigilance over the software running on its computers and previously undocumented IT assets on the network. With Tivoli Endpoint Manager they now maintain 98.5 percent patch and update compliance rate and decrease update and patch cycle times from 2 - 3 weeks to 2 - 3 days.