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 Downloading a Limited Availability Interim Fix

You have requested to download a Limited Availability (LA) Interim Fix.  LA Interim Fixes cannot be directly downloaded from this site without first contacting Tivoli Customer Support by opening a PMR. Opening a PMR allows Tivoli Customer Support to verify that the LA Interim Fix is appropriate for your environment and situation. LA Interim Fixes have been unit tested by Tivoli and tested by customers to ensure they fix the reported problem.  Because LA Interim Fixes are not as thoroughly tested as patches and fixpacks, Tivoli Support tracks via PMR who has acquired each LA Interim Fix. Tivoli Support can then contact the affected users if an issue arises with the LA Interim Fix.   If you are a registered user of IBM.COM, you can open a PMR using the IBM web site:

If you prefer to contact Tivoli Customer Support via email or telephone, you may refer to this page for a list of contacts:

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