RSS Help


What is RSS?

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a lightweight format for monitoring new content added to web sites. An RSS feed uses formatted files to deliver content that you then access with an RSS Reader. Our RSS feeds provide the title of a new piece of content, such as a technote, a description of the new content, and a link to the content. Feeds are updated daily.

Step-by-step instructions

There are two basic steps to complete the subscription process:

  1. Download and install an RSS reader. There are many RSS readers available; no particular reader is required for use with our feeds.
  2. Use your reader to subscribe to one of our feeds (sometimes referred to as channels). Because of the variety of readers, the particular steps to subscribe will vary. Refer to your reader's Help for details on how to subscribe to a feed, but in general:
    • Some readers will allow you to drag the orange RSS button into your RSS reader in order to subscribe.
    • With some other readers, you'll be able to right-click the orange RSS/XML button and select an option to subscribe right from that menu.
    • In still other cases, you'll need to click the orange RSS/XML button to get to the raw XML feed, copy the URL of the feed from the address bar, and paste it into your reader's new feed/channel dialog.


Mobile applications

  • NewsBreak -- For the Pocket PC and SmartPhone; supports all RSS formats, including those that require authentication.
  • NewsFlash -- For the Palm OS and Blackberry; supports RSS and RDF formats.
  • More mobile applications can be found at Handango.

Lotus Notes applications


  • Online News Screensaver -- HTML and RSS format supported screensaver that brings news right to your desktop.
  • My Yahoo -- An online service which allows you to customize your portal to include RSS feeds.

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