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SSP drives innovation and excellence across its global portfolio ... IBM technologies help boost collaboration between locations and brands

SSP worked with Artriom to create a new social networking platform for the whole business, based on IBM® Connections software.
20 Feb 2014

GFS Fundraising Solutions ... Boosting the efficiency of fundraising activities with intelligent data-mining

GFS uses IBM® SPSS® Modeler to identify the most promising potential donors for each campaign, adjust the number of letters sent out, predict the total amount of contributions, and monitor the success of fundraising activities.
20 Feb 2014

SilverSky ... Driving global business opportunities and enhancing service levels with a SoftLayer migration

To serve an expanding customer base, SilverSky sought a scalable new hosting environment for its email and security offerings. A SoftLayer solution improves the company’s service levels, introduces a more predictable expense model and offers new global business opportunities...
20 Feb 2014

ISE Commerce ... Delivering exceptional customer experiences to drive international growth

ISE uses IBM solutions to integrate order-management processes with supplier-inventory data – enabling just-in-time deliveries to end-customers worldwide, driving expansion into new markets and facilitating a predicted compound annual growth rate of 47 percent.
19 Feb 2014

Onvia, Inc. ... Improves discovery across 12 million records, helping companies gain insight to win government business

With the advanced discovery capabilities of IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer embedded in Onvia’s solution, Onvia clients can easily find relevant information across 12 million records and receive search results in less than a second.
19 Feb 2014

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator helps Swiss Mobiliar run queries 100x faster

Swiss Mobiliar deployed IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS alongside its IBM zEnterprise 196 server - enabling it to run growing transaction and analytics workloads side by side with no increase in compute resources.
19 Feb 2014

Legacy Health ... Time for a checkup: surveys give Legacy Health employees a voice

IBM Kenexa Survey gives Legacy Health employees greater insight into the business, increases employee engagement and places greater emphasis on career development and growth
19 Feb 2014

Allianz Group ... Achieving cultural change through leadership and engagement at Allianz Group

Allianz Group gains better understanding of employee motivation and opinions when it chooses and also how they feel about working for Allianz.
19 Feb 2014

University of Arizona- Customer Reference Video ... Innovative pharmacy program saves customers $65 million with zEnterprise infrastructure

Working with IBM an innovative pharmacy program saves customers $65 million with zEnterprise infrastructure
19 Feb 2014

BDFM Publishers ... Engaging readers with personalized content to boost subscriptions and raise advertising revenue

BDlive launched a “recommended articles” feature, harnessing IBM® Content Recommendations to analyze browsing behavior and use the “wisdom of the crowd” to serve personalized content to each reader.
18 Feb 2014

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