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IBM SmartCloud for Social Business solution heats up efficiency and builds a base for better service

Published on 26 Mar 2013

"By moving our messaging to IBM SmartCloud, we now pay only for the capabilities we can actually use. And there was no training required." - Alan DeAngelo, operations officer, Metromatic Manufacturing Company Inc.

Metromatic Manufacturing Company

Industrial Products

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United States

Social Business

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Innovative Ideas, Unlimited, Inc.


Headquartered in Medford, Massachusetts, Metromatic Manufacturing Company Inc. builds oil burner-based furnaces and operates a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) supply shop. It is a family-owned firm that employs approximately 10 people and serves customers throughout New England.

Business need:
Metromatic Manufacturing Company Inc. lacked the technical expertise in-house to diagnose or correct system incompatibilities and configuration problems that affected employee productivity.

IBM Business Partner Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc. helped move existing messaging software to the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business environment.

Employees are freed from dealing with spam and mailing invoices, and Metromatic eliminated monthly fees for managing an on-premises messaging system.

Case Study

Headquartered in Medford, Massachusetts, Metromatic Manufacturing Company Inc. builds oil burner-based furnaces and operates a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) supply shop. It is a family-owned firm that employs approximately 10 people and serves customers throughout New England.

Metromatic wanted to automate the process of sending out invoices. Employees were printing and mailing statements or creating PDF files for those customers requesting online billing. Unfortunately, the invoicing application was a component of a custom-built back-office business processing system, which was incompatible with the messaging configuration of the company’s IBM® Lotus® Domino® platform. Both that system and the Lotus Domino software had the capability to automatically email invoices. However, Metromatic did not have the technical expertise in-house to make it work.

Metromatic contracted with IBM Business Partner Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc. (IIUI) to design a solution. IIUI discovered that there were other pain points that a simple integration would not address. Specifically, the existing IBM Lotus Notes® messaging configuration did not control spam effectively, so Metromatic employees spent significant time deleting unwanted messages. In addition, the Lotus Domino software was underused.

IIUI determined that Metromatic could address both its immediate and longer-term needs by moving messaging to the cloud. The IIUI project team migrated existing employee data from the on-premises Lotus Notes and Domino software environment into the IBM SmartCloudfor Social Business environment. Employees were able to keep the same interfaces and working structures and maintain information almost exactly as usual. The ability to deploy with minimal disruption to business was a primary reason Metromatic went with the IBM cloud-based service instead of a competing product. Also, IBM SmartCloud services include sophisticated antispam and antivirus controls.

Metromatic now pays only for the capabilities it uses. The company purchased one IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced service license and an IBM SmartCloud Traveler for Notes® service license for the operations officer. All other employees are licensed for the IBM SmartCloud Notes service. Costs are further reduced because Metromatic no longer pays a monthly fee to a service provider for managing an on-premises environment. In addition, the company’s business process system now automatically emails invoices directly with no configuration conflict.

Going forward, the operations manager is exploring ways to engage customers online using the IBM Connections software included with the IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced service. Initially, he plans to extend a project-based space or guest account to several technically savvy general contractors to share construction plans and schematics and collaborate on product lists. The goal is to help ensure that delivery orders are correct, complete and ready on time, eliminating return trips for additional or different parts. As an added benefit, the customer gains a single place for tracking his activity with Metromatic on a project, development or order.

• Saves employees time by enabling online invoices and reducing spam from 100 to 200 messages a day to almost none
• Cuts costs by eliminating license payments for underused software and monthly fees to a managed service provider
• Enhances customer service by allowing general contractors to share project information online in a single venue

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