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IBM WebSphere Message Broker drives faster development time for roadside assistance company RAC, U.K. ... RAC client reference video

RAC U.K. works with IBM Business Partner Prolifics to use IBM® WebSphere® Message Broker softwrae to integrate 680 point-to-point connections. The new architecture significantlyreduced development costs and time, accelerating RAC’s development time from several weeks to 10...
05 Feb 2014

RAC becomes the motorists’ champion ... Creating a flexible, scalable architecture to support new services for customers

Prolifics helped the RAC build a central integration hub to replace its complex web of point-to-point interfaces between systems – simplifying and accelerating service development and maintenance.
03 Sep 2013

A royalty accounting company creates an integrated SOA ... An SOA based on IBM software fosters reuse and lays the foundation for new products and services

A royalty accounting company uses IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus software and an IBM WebSphere DataPower appliance to serve as the foundation of its SOA, helping developers create service components for use in multiple products.
18 Jul 2013

A royalty accounting company speeds agile development ... IBM Rational software helps accelerate multi-platform development and support an SOA

A royalty accounting company works with IBM Software Services for Rational and IBM Business Partner Prolifics to implement a collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) platform based on a suite of IBM software, gaining visibility and improving software quality.
27 Jun 2013

A hardware retailer builds an enterprise platform ... IBM Premier Business Partner Prolifics implements IBM WebSphere software solution

A hardware retailer works with IBM Premier Business Partner Prolifics to upgrade its IBM WebSphere software and help the business establish a platform to support future growth.
23 May 2013

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey optimizes agility and ROI ... IBM WebSphere business rules and process management tools accelerate improvement in key processes

Horizon BCBSNJ teams with IBM and IBM Premier-level Business Partner Prolifics to deploy a suite of IBM WebSphere® BPM and business rule management systems (BRMS) tools, keeping costs down, increasing process agility and visibility, and significantly improving the efficiency...
30 Oct 2011