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Durham University plays a starring role in computational cosmology ... Building a powerful and efficient cluster for big data research projects with IBM System x iDataPlex

Durham University’s Institute of Computational Cosmology used IBM iDataPlex technologies to build COSMA5, a new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster for data-intensive research projects in cosmology and astronomy. COSMA5 also plays a crucial role in the UK’s DiRAC-2 HPC ...
15 May 2013

The Hartree Centre ... Helping the UK business sector harness high-performance computing and contributing to “grand challenge” science

The Hartree Centre’s mission is to help UK businesses take advantage of high-performance computing and to tackle “grand challenge” science projects. To this end, the centre is working closely with IBM to build some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers and provide supp...
11 Oct 2012

The Hartree Centre leads the way in data-intensive computing

To support both general computing and Big Data projects, the Hartree Centre deployed Blue Wonder, an IBM System x iDataPlex cluster comprising 8,192 Intel Xeon E5-2670 processor cores.
25 Jun 2012

Durham University gains new insight into the evolution of the universe ... Building an eco-friendly high-performance computing cluster for cosmology research with IBM System x iDataPlex

Working with OCF and IBM, the Institute for Computational Cosmology at Durham University designed and deployed COSMA4, a 25 teraflop cluster based on water-cooled IBM® System x® iDataPlex® servers with 2,640 Intel Xeon cores. IBM System Storage® DS3500 hardware provides 610 ...
06 May 2011